Seidio Innocase Rugged

When Chuck Norris chooses an Evo 4G case, this is probably the one he uses.  The Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo is some serious battle armor for your Evo.  It's a four-part system, consisting of the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the interior shell, a rugged rubber skin and skeleton protective outer shell, an authentic Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard screen protector, and a locking holster to keep it where you want it to be.

When completely assembled, not a bit of your Evo 4G is exposed.  Even the ports and controls are covered by the rubber skin, yet easy to open flaps give quick access to ports and the case is designed so that all the buttons and controls work without removing the rubber.  Of course, with everything covered up tight you won't have access to the kickstand, but if you are out and about in a place where you need this level of protection -- on the job, doing outdoor activities, or chasing down aliens, it's a fair trade.

When you don't need the extreme protection the Innocase Rugged offers, the rubber skin and skeleton is easily removed, leaving the Innocase Surface to keep your Evo safe from minor bumps and scratches.  You can grab the Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo in the Android Central store for $39.95.  Hit the break to see a slew of pictures, and a quick video showing how the kit is assembled. 


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packaging  Contents

interior shell  rubber shell

skeleton  holster

camera flap  ports


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Evo 4G case review: Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo [video]


It's not heavy at all, though completely assembled, does add a bit of bulk.

**FYI, I've got ONE FOR SALE for name your price plus shipping.**

I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to use the belt clip with just the first layer of protection or if you need everything on for it to fit securely.... Does anyone know? I like the idea of having the optional protection for whatever I'm doing.

This thing would be great if I could also holster it with the screen showing out. That way I could easily rig something to clip the holster as a car dock, or a motorcycle dock...

I have this case and it is pretty awesome. I also have the Innocell extended battery! I just use the rubber part and it still adds great protection along with allowing me to use the extended battery. I read have a lot of people stating that once they purchased this battery for their Evo that they were stuck with the phone being unprotected. I bought the case first and then discovered that it works pretty good with the battery. I use the holster too! I guess I was lucky this time around. Just figured I pass this bit of info on.


I dont wont for their company either lol.