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The EC05 Froyo OTA is slowly trickling out for the Sprint Epic 4G, but users who like to tinker don't have to wait any longer.  Android Central forums adviser Paul627g has worked up a flashable version that's pre-rooted and ready to go.  You'll need Odin, the Windows drivers, and a few minutes time, but the payoff is worth it in the end.  To make it even better, there is no data wipe required whether you're currently running Eclair or one of the leaked/official/pulled previous Froyo updates.  Nice work fellas! [Android Central forums]


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Sprint Epic 4G gets a rooted version of EC05 Froyo update


Keyboard still misses keys and the browser still has checkerboards when you scroll too fast.....the phone still sucks.

and the TWS bug is still happening

I'm sorry but I had to comment on this. To say the Epic sucks because of the reasons you gave is a bit over blown. I've been using the Epic since its release, and I can honestly say never have those issues made me think the phone sucks.

I get your frustration but still, over exaggerated. This is a great phone.

I'm running a EC05 based ROM and the browser doesn't checkerboard, nor do I a huge TWS problem (right now its at 6%). Battery life is also decent.

Those are three bugs, two are minor and TWS bug doesn't happen all the time anymore. Even if it does happen to you putting your phone in airplane mode and then turning it off fixes it. If these small issues make you believe that the epic is a sucky phone, then why do you even use smartphones in the first place? The Nexus S had the random reboot bug and all the software for that phone was made by google. No phone comes out without bugs you're just bashing this one because FroYo was late. Lastly, why haven't you mentioned what they fixed? Camera bug is gone, data speeds have been greatly improved, and the Compass issues have been sorted out.

So for the people who have not recieved the OTA update yet dont expect it today according to a sprint rep when I called a few minutes ago. They told me they pulled it again due to some issues and no new ota date yet

First of all they did not pull the update. There are people on XDA that got the update, odined back to eclair, and got the update again. Secondly, they are sending out the update for eclair first and the to the EB13 peeps later. If you look up the press release it say that eclair and EB13 would be getting it.

I'm on eclair.di18 and still haven't received update. is there a video anywhere that shows step by step instructions on how to root?

You don't have to root if you don't want to. Just stick the update.zip on the sd card, boot into recovery (from phone off, hold down volume down, camera and power until you get blue text). select install update.zip from sdcard with the volume rocker and then hit the home button to select it... wait for reboot and you're done.

I'm on eclair.di18 and still haven't received update. is there a video anywhere that shows step by step instructions on how to root?

I'm not having any of the old problems such as keyboard missing double letter presses and such.

If you're having the problem still, you probably need to do a clean install and wipe everything.

This worked for me! Thx. I was on EB13 but had removed some of the stock apps. From what I've been hearing, the updates have been failing if stock apps are missing.

I have the OTA. Just got about 9 AM CST. It seems to be working well but there some issues that I noticed:

1) None of the previous root methods seems to work - Z4root, SuperOne Click, etc. don't seem to be functional. I haven't tried flashing with the "pre-rooted" ROM but that may end up being my next step. I have several apps - Roam Control, Titanium Backup, ScreenShot, etc. that REQUIRE root :/ and now they are non-functional.

2) Most of the "Hillbilly Package" (Football, NASCAR, etc.) seems to have disappeared. Now, that might be becuase I had "frozen" all that crap with Titanium back when I still had root under Eclair. A coworker who did not have them frozen still has them.

3) My apps will spontaneously re-arrange themselves. However, going from grid view to list view and then back to grid view seems to put everything back.

4) You now have Sprint ID which IMHO seems a bit "Big Bother"-y for my taste so I won't be using it.

Wow... this article is way behind the times as Bonsai was the first ROM out on EC05 for the Epic4G. The Bonsai ROM and team was also the first to implement back up and restore of apps, texts, & data when upgrading to the newest version so you dont lose anything. They were also the first to stop having users wipe everything three times before installing the newest ROM. I guess Android Central and its team fail to give credit where credit is due and only focus on the crap that everyone copies off the Bonsai ROM.... Get the Best Epic ROM... Get Bonsai 4.0

The EC05 Bonsai was VERY flawed when it was released...which is why it barely saw the light of day on XDA...the fact that you had to register off-site and had issues was very annoying. Despite being the basis for other roms...the original has yet to be worth mentioning...