Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Rollout starting in Asia via OTA or Kies, other markets to follow in due time

Samsung's mid-sized tablet offering from 2012, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, is seeing a Jelly Bean update start rolling out starting today in select markets. Users of the 3G version of the Tab 7.7 in Asia -- Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia so far -- have been updating their devices both OTA (Over The Air) and through the Samsung Kies desktop software to Android 4.1.2. There's no complete changelog for the update at this point as its rolling out slowly, but we all know the serious improvements in Jelly Bean such as Google Now and Project Butter will be on-board.

As for a timetable on the Verizon model of the Tab 7.7 receiving an update, we haven't got a clue. Additional time testing may put this one on the back burner for some time, especially considering the rollout has only started in one region at this point.

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Some Galaxy Tab 7.7 variants receiving Jelly Bean update


"As for a timetable on the Verizon model of the Tab 7.7 receiving an update, we haven't got a clue. "

How did you even type that the Verizon model would actually receive an update? I figure the spasmodic laughing fits would make that near impossible. Don't expect that update to come out until... (Crap, what's a sweet that starts with X?) just go with never.

Running JB 4.12 now, OTA update didn't quite work so finally used Odin and works perfectly now. Thanks Samsung and Sammobile!
Buttery smoth now thanks to Google.

Not that it matters but quadrant scores are up above the one x at 4,747! Really impressed with how my tablet is performing right now! Wouldnt trade for anything at this point: oled, awesome build, and jelly bean, what more could you want!?

when will i get this in pakistan...can't wait.!! btw its good samsung released the OTA update.. won't have to mess with the stupid samsung kies.!!

Just a brief point. Are people noticing any reduction in battery life on older Samsung devices getting JB? Some users have been reporting this with phones, so is it affecting Tablets?

AWESOME - That's the best word to describe it. A week after upgrade of my beloved Tab 7.7 to JB 4.1.2. An excellent engine with an excellent fuel now. Nothing more that you can ask for.

Longer battery life and faster processing time.

So far the only problem is the notification for number of miss call, new mails and sms do not pop up at the home screen as before. As I read JB is using a new notification. Still exploring.

Love It

Thank You Samsung for keeping us up to date. :)