Galaxy S4 LTE+

Faster LTE speeds and a more advanced CPU for Samsung's upgraded GS4

We managed to track down Samsung's LTE-Advanced-capable, Snapdragon 800-powered Galaxy S4 (GT-i9506) last month at IFA 2013, but until now there's been little in the way of official info from Samsung on the device. Today press releases have been issued by Samsung Sweden, and the handset has popped up on the company's German site, dubbed simply "Galaxy S4 with LTE+."

Based on our experienced with the Snapdragon 800-powered Galaxy S4 at IFA, the overall user experience is much the same as what we know on the Snapdragon 600 model. The new device is advertised with Samsung KNOX support, however, so it Samsung's latest enterprise software package should be included. Besides that, the faster chip should bring the GS4 in line with the Galaxy Note 3 in terms of raw computational horsepower and 4G LTE data speeds, with download speeds of up to 150Mbps supported on the new model. According to the Swedish press release, the new S4 ships with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

The Galaxy S4 with LTE+ is due to arrive in Sweden this November, priced at 6,000 Krona (around $940). There's no word on availability or pricing for any other countries, however a similar device has been available in Samsung's native South Korea for the past several months.

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Source: PhoneArena, Press Release (Swedish), Samsung (German)


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Snapdragon 800-powered Galaxy S4 with LTE-A coming to parts of Europe


Yeah, Snapdragon 800! The lags with touchwiz are far more enjoyable with it. It only stutters 50% compared to previous generation ;-)

There is zero lag on my N3.

And there is ALMOST no lag on my S4.

The lag some people experience on the S4 comes from some of the new motion sensors - not touchwiz. If you deactivate the sensors - the lag is almost gone. And that even on 4.2.2 without the new GPU rendering.

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Let's not fool each other here. I own the N3 and it lags like crazy sometimes especially when performing simple tasks like opening contacts.

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Indeed, but I had to try to get the GN3 to lag, not so with the S4. Can't wait to see vanilla Android with the 800!

Don't get lag and slow ui animation confused. I don't give the s4 a pass, but there is a "fix" for the touchwiz lag that if rooted, you can speed up the ui animation and all the "lag" goes away.

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I will admit. Full Touch Wiz ROMs lag at stutter like crazy, even GoldenEye. I've been running 4.3 Google Edition and its smooth as silk. Why would you disable all the features just to get it to work on a full Touch Wiz ROM? It makes no sense, it should just work.

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I hate it when they do a better version of the same phone!
One X > One X plus...

Really chaps the ass of everyone that just bought the generic versions.
Why not just call it something other then S4?

Why call it something other? It's called what it is: a faster S4.

Why confuse people with different names when it is not a different phone...

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poeple always say apple iphones are the same every year but at lease apple wait a year before they screw over thier customers, sammy do it every 4 months

Posted via ACA on LG G2

I have owned the S3 and no lag with toichwiz, the S4 and no lag and also the Mega and now the Note 3, however on the S4 and Mega and Note 3 i was running Novo Launcher as i discovered it was more customizable, I have now opted for smart launcher with the xperia z1 theme and must report that its look and usability is fantastic, getting back to the reason Samsung releases varients yes it can be fustrating to those who purchased the generic version, that said you knew they would so patiance should of been had if the active and or snapdragon 800cpu was what you were after, its to provide the market with options and yup plenty of them in Samsungs line up, perhaps at the time of making the S4 the 800cpu wasnt optimized. Sometimes if what your after is something better than what you first see the general rule is be patiant.

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Having owned the S3, GN2, heavily using a S4, and quite a bit of time with the're delusional. Spend some time with a N4, go back to the S4, and tell me it doesn't lag.

Hmm look up the definition of the word delusional, this aint about having a pop but i have had the nexus 4, htc one, iphones you name it and i was mearly stating in my experiance of the S3,S4,Mega and now my note 3 i personally have had no lag what so ever, wont lie and say it was completely flawless did have app crashes but they were few and far between.

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It does lag and stutter... If you don't see it: good for you.

I haven't seen a single S4 not lag. And apart from that touchwiz is just an inconsistent mess. Look at Sense and you see how a well designed UI can look like.

Its not about screwing people over its business and in that it requires doing the smart thing, Samsung and the generic version of the S4 is fantastic and many many happy customers, some disgruntled perhaps but again i use the word patiance, and for me i dont have the bitter battle between samsung and apple or one is better than the other although in my personal opinion Sansung offers for me the better user experiance and hadms the better options, i may not use eye scroll ect but nice to know its there if i choose to, its healthy to have that should be friendly competition, my honest personal opinion is that apple lost their way when steve jobs was ousted and Tim Cook took over.

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Lol my note 3 doesn't lag at ALL. Sorry if yours do. O yeah running a custom rom and kernel but it still didn't lag before that. It's simple tweaks you can do to your phone without rooting your phone. At the end of the day you just got to know how to maintenance your phone noob.

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My HTC One doesn't lag at all...and never has. The upgrade to 4.3 just made what was already smooth even smoother somehow. Just sayin'.....