Seidio Ledger Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Stylish protection with a somewhat unnecessary kickstand


Kickstands on a phone case can be a great way of propping it up to watch videos, use as an alarm clock at night and any number of other purposes. Sadly in the case of this Seidio Ledger case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 the kickstand isn't going to win any awards but the rest of the case is well worth consideration.

Ok, so what's actually wrong with the kickstand? You can only use it when the front cover is open and actually see the phone, so in that situation a folding arrangement with the cover would probably be more adequate. Especially when you consider that the kickstand is positioned on the lower third of the case. As such it doesn't seem to sit very stable when the front cover is open, the phone often doesn't sit straight and it's too easy to push over.

The rest of the Ledger Flip Case is pretty good though. The rear is made of plastic and has a soft touch feel to it, while the front cover has a felt covering on its interior and a slot for an ID card or credit card. The front cover also has cutouts for the earpiece and for the notification LED and has a light texture on the exterior.

The phone fits nice and snug into the plastic shell and is really easy to get in and out. There is a cutout to reach the phones power button instead of some built in replacements, as well as cutouts for the rear speaker and the camera. When closed, the whole ensemble feels sturdy and well protected and the magnetic catch to keep the cover closed is particularly good.

All in all, the Seidio Ledger is a really nice flip case for the Galaxy S5. It's available in two colors, the dark grey we have here or red and will take great care of your phone. It just probably doesn't need the kickstand.

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Seidio Ledger Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5


Looks fantastic from the front, sides and open.... back ruins it with the kickstand. 

I used to like Seidio but they have lost my interest since they have been putting that kickstand on almost every model they have.

I have this case for my HTC One M8. It's probably the best case I've ever owned for a phone. I really like how the front cover snaps shut with a magnetic catch. The kickstand isn't that bad either. I find that it works well in landscape mode.

Seidio make quality products but they're hard to find in Europe, for some reason. I ended up paying nearly $100 for the Seidio Convert case with holster by ordering through friends in the US, who then reshipped it. A $100 case for a $450 phone because wouldn't ship to Europe and didn't have it available. It's definitely been worth it, though, because it's saved the phone several times. Solid products.

Yeah I paid $55 for my surface and holster for my G3. Worth every penny. Now I upgraded I'm waiting on a deal to get it again some my new phone

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