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We first saw Sandisk's Memory Zone application back in September when they launched it in beta out into the big wide world of the Android Market. 350,000 or so downloads later, they're ready to end that beta process. 

Sandisk let us know that as of Monday, the application will be officially exiting beta. Their last update a few weeks ago brought Facebook integration with it, which allows you to upload content directly from your cloud services to Facebook. Additionally it also syncs your Facebook photos to the SD card on your phone. 

So on Monday we should be seeing an update, and who knows we may even get more new features to go with shedding the beta tag. If you've yet to take a look at this, then why not check out our review and hit the break for the download link. 


Reader comments

Sandisk Memory Zone exiting beta, 350k downloads and going strong


Why would you need this for the GNex?? Ice Cream Sandwich has this functionality already built in... I think this app is geared for Android 3.x and earlier - not 4.0.

Does this not do backups? I wanted something I could use with The app needs work.

I'm going to go ahead and try AndFTP syncing now with my personal computer which is connected to an external hard drive. We'll see how it goes. I just really want something that will sync my "SDCARD" on the GN since it's not removeable. With my other devices, I have always put the SD into a stick and backed up my files that way.

I suspect they have a bug with google autologin related to apps accounts... Docs and Picasa wont work with that login and I dont feel like setting up a service password for them (i use 2-step auth).