Galaxy Tab

Samsung has released an official teaser for the Samsung Galaxy Tab (that name's now official), a 7-inch tablet. The cryptic 20-second teaser, erm, teases:

  • HD video playback
  • 7" screen
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Video calling
  • Augmented reality
  • Swype
  • A Sept. 2 coming-out party in Berlin (at the IFA conference).

It is great teaser for the sleek device. Check it out for yourself after the break! [Samsung Mobile's Galaxy Tab page]


Reader comments

Samsung releases official teaser for the Galaxy Tab coming Sept. 2 in Berlin


I'm going to assume "Augmented Reality" Refers to the LAYAR APP? . . . every company loves to over play it.

The Specs look really good though. Especially with FROYO and FLASH 10.1!!!!!!.... But Sammy has to remember that with FLASH comes the need for a ROBUST BATTERY! . . .SWYPE is a good idea too on a big screen.

Looking forward to next week!

Why such a small screen? I want one that is 10inches no 3g just wifi. And can use it like my laptop.

I don't mind the smaller screen but including a 3g radio especially when it comes the carriers in the US, 99% of hte time you'll be forced into some contract.

I already have a phone thank you very much. I'd like a tablet to replace my dated webpad. the Ipad is way too expensive at 499. Buying this thing with no contract will probably be more than the ipad.

Unless Samsung pulls off something like Apple did with the 3g ipad, where data is optional then I'm not sure if this will sell all that well for Samsung.

Not everyone wants/needs mobile data on a tablet.

A Wifi only version would have been great.

You're right not everyone wants/needs mobile data on a tablet. Thats just common sense though because not everyone wants one certain thing.

The thing though is their are plenty of people who do want it and will sign a contract for it. Just look at the mini laptops. They sell just fine and they suck.

Any Android Tablet will be a big hit aslong as it is made crappy; and just because YOU don't want it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't.

Yeah, I want optional data as well. Wifi-only would be fine for me, since if I'm on the road and need to connect to the internet I can just wifi-tether it to my Nexus One.

They have to price it in-line with a comparative iPad, or it will be a total flop. For a 3g version, it needs to be under $630. If they have a wi-fi only, then it will have to be $500 or less.

Rumors are that they'll be releasing a 10inch device in a few months. But they decided the first device should target a slightly different segment of the market than the iPad. Or maybe they couldn't get any 10inch screens in the short term. (There's rumors of a 7inch iPad coming soon, too.)

I am all for the 7" screen it would be much easier to use as a eBook reader then the iPad in my opinion. But I have to agree i want one with no 3g just the wifi. Give it a good price I know what I am going to get myself for Christmas.

One more bullet point:
* Proprietary connectors and cables!

I swear, that's the one thing I hate about Samsung, they NEVER use standard charging/data/audio cables! You can see in the other article that shows an "iPhone-esque" power connector plugged into it. That way, if you ever lose it, you have to pay at least $50 to replace it. I wish they would just use standard USB connectors and quit being greedy. I stopped buying Samsung years ago because of their resistance of standards.

So your saying the Micro-usb and 3.5mm head phone jacks on the Galaxy S lineups are not standardized? Hmm, learned something new..


The power connector is not micro USB, if you look at the other article...Samsung proprietary.

Also, its probably time for you to learn the difference between "your" and "you're," there is a difference.


Exactly. I fly three or four times a week and while the Kindle app on my iPod Touch works really well, the screen's just a little small. A 7" screen would be absolutely perfect (I would've considered an iPad if it weren't so large), and with high-def graphics for comics? Oh, hell yes.

I actually want one as a secondary browsing device, so 3G is not necessary as long as I can tether it to my phone :)

I have no need for 3g on a tablet. I can just use tethering with my droid. Plus I'm not all to into the iPod style charger. I will keep looking not going to grab this one.

Like the majority of people, i say this is a hot device! I want it, if. If i can buy it without 3G (my droid x takes care of internet/tethering) 7 inch hi-def screen is perfect for my uses. It allows me to own both of the best devices ie. The x and the s :) and i can play without eating my phones battery all up. Plus, it will actually be the perfect replacement to the net book that i have for work.

I just hope it's rocking the same Super AMOLED that the Galaxy S phones are using. My wife has the Captivate and I love how bright and vivid the screen is.

I'll probably pick up either this one or one of the new tablets using the Tegra2 chipset. I'll just wait for some benchmarks on both before I make up my mind.

Now see this I like! Ever since the iPad came out I've been anti-tablet PC. I just think the concept is overrated and nothing more than a netbook in tablet form. Essentially that's all it is, except with a touchscreen.

But I like this. I like the fact that it's smaller than the iPad, which is too big and bulky. This is a more portable size. I also love that it has 2.2 running and I could see myself using it. But I want to see full specs before I would decide. The iPad lacks a lot of basic specs that should be in a UMPC.

From what I've read here and on Engadget and CrunchGear, this device will double as a phone. So it will have the market. Hopefully, it will sell without a contract, and work on all 3g frequencies. Of course, you'll probably have to get cdma or gsm. But they're calling it Galaxy S, so it should cover all carriers, just like the Galaxy S phones.

Since it's small enough, I'll probably swap my Nexus One sim in and it use as my phone if I know I'll need this, but don't want to carry both devices.