Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Just a few scant hours after the user manual surfaced, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is now official. The 7-inch tablet has a rather unimpressive 1024x600 resolution and is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of on-board storage. It's just shy of 10mm thick, and that svelte nature (if not the price tag, which wasn't announced but likely will be around the $199 we saw for the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3) is this guy's selling point.

It's running Android 4.2 out of the box and presumably would be updated at some point. The Tab 3 Lite has a 2-megapixel camera in the back — the only shooter on this tablet. Battery life likely will be decent with a 3,600 mAh capacity. It's also listing 2G and 3G cellular data — but traditionally that sort of feature is stripped out in U.S. releases.

The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite will be available worldwide in white or black.

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Hiberny says:

I'm using the Galaxy Tab 3 right now. Any lighter and it won't run at all.

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And you only get about 4Gb of storage.

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alexlam24 says:

I currently have a tab 2. I really regret getting it... Should bought a Nexus 7 last year

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Its already reported as on sale in Poland for 399 zloty which is approximately $130 or £80.

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I thought i read on here last night that it was expected to be $100 for the Wifi and $150 for LTE

jonovw says:

this is way worse than a Nexus 7 and you can get them on sale for around 200$ sometimes

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What is the point of this device? Don't understand why anyone would buy this. The original tab 3 is hardly overwhelming

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A N7 is roughly double the price though

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But its not, if this is coming in at $199, the nexus 7 pisses all over this for $229, even the old 2012 Nexus 7 is much better, the Hisense sero 7 pro poops on this and that's $130 ish

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Why does even the Nexus 7 2012 have better specs than 90% tablet an released in 2013?

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hmmm says:

According to a lot of users on this board specs don't matter. Just look at any Moto X thread.

mathiasjk says:

Another day, another Samsung device.
Seriously, why not put the camera on the front? That would be far more useful than on the back.

Dissident26 says:

Another day another forgettable samsung product. I'll pass

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thatguy97 says:

Lol this AINT worth 199 in the slightest I mean I know you wont use tablets cameras a lot but 2 mp???? And be believe me how is enough to push touchwiz

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jaw315 says:

If its going to sell at the $200 price point I don't see it doing so well. I just picked up a 2013 N7 for that price.

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I'm still amazed that there are tablets being released that are not 4.3 or 4.4. There is no excuse for any tablet released this year to be running any lower than 4.3 and not get an upgrade to 4.4 within a couple months.

Also: this product is crap, get a Nexus instead, far better value for money.

RusticKey says:

Well, the Tab PRO and Note PRO line runs 4.4 out of the box.
EDIT: Cursed tyops.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Dreadcthulhu says:

The only way I see Samsung moving these is if they bundle them as a freebie when you buy a Samsung washer & dryer or the like. A Sero 7 Pro or Nook HD would be a much better buy, both can be had for $130 or so.

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TheMimic12 says:

For the price, a decent new or refurbished Galaxy tab 2 7.0 with almost exactly the same specs. It also has the on screen navigation keys, which are better than the physical buttons on tablets imo

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heathroi says:

I was thinking it was very similar to my tab 2 as well that has 4k mah battery. I guess the only thing different it doesn't use the silly samsung cable.

tone84 says:

Waste of money

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bleached says:

This better be $100. The Tab 3 is $129 at Microcenter!

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The Dell Venue 7 is better than this and it's only $149. If this is $199, dead on arrival.

Posted via a device much better than yours.

Paola1993 says:

Same specs of the tab 2? They do know how to make money.

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In my opinion, this device needs to be around the $100 mark, to even be seriously considered. For $150, you can have a tablet with infinitely better specs. If I absolutely had to buy a cheap tablet, I'd go for a kindle fire and root it for Play Store access.

KeithFoster says:

Unless this is sub 100 it's a waste of time and money. If it has GPS I maybe could make the case for using it as an in car device, but it looks like GPS is missing.

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Mobius360 says:

Samsung, really? Agreed the 7" tab 3 is already a bit in the low end spec wise.

This is pretty much what I paid for my G Pad 8.3 which has great specs for a tablet.

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briaking says:

The older Tab 3 7.0 is $139 at Bestbuy right now. Its going lower from what I heard by another $10 sometime in the very near future. So $129 for the Tab 3 7.0.

hmmm says:

This really shouldn't cost more than $99. As long as the Play Store is installed on it I could possibly see it as a kid friendly tablet or a starter tablet to see if you would really use one. It seems an awful lot like those Black Friday budget tablets you see with no Play Store installed.

My kids overtook my 2012 Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 is so much more than they need. They play the typical kid friendly learning apps (They are 2 and 4 years old). I would have seriously considered something like this at $99 for my kids to keep them from my Nexus and to keep them away from those Leap Frog type tablets.

Unfortunately they put a giant scratch in the screen with a toy tractor or something which bugs the heck out of me (they don't care at all) so I went out and got a 2013 N7 to replace it that they no longer have access to.

awang44 says:

I want one if it's 150 with LTE.

thatguy97 says:

No you don't

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nickmiller71 says:

Waste of money. I don't know how Samsung thinks they can compete with the Nexus 7 at this price.

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NoNexus says:

Complete dog of a tablet. I went looking last night after I saw the user manual posted to see if it was kit kat, which might have saved it, but alas no.

I wouldn't buy this, but with the Galaxy name, put up against other galaxy tabs and at that price, they will sell a few.

DaFonZisBack says:

This tablets only worth 100. I love samsung products but this one has no incentive to be purchased.

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thatguy97 says:

Touchwiz+1gb RAM= have fun

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Pirate Arr says:

Yea, even my dads s3 with 2 gigs of ram has 600 or so gig of ram avaible at its best .

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pcnexus says:

it just a downgraded version of galaxy tab 2, some of galaxy tab 3 lite tips and tricks.

Pirate Arr says:

Only a fool would buy this tablet. A hisense pro 7, original nexus 7 and the Asus memopad which all came out in 2012 early 2013 is still better than this tablet and are all below 150 dollars. Nexus7 2013 is a more bang for your buck tablet than this. Don't understand why companies make useless products. The customers aren't that dimwitted, well the majority arent to buy this tablet.

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Jude526 says:

I have the Note 8.0 tablet. Wouldn't want less on a small tablet. Love it.

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just bought a 3 lite and love every minute of it a sleek tab 165.00 and does everything with ease i love it my op thats all and works great will tweak it a bit but otherwise i would tell anybody buy it its awesome!! its not a laptop so specs are just this specs if your looking for a laptop with 500gb of drive and 8 memory then we need to be looking not at tabs but others these are tabs play gadgets folks