Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the hottest phones of the year comes to two of the big four carriers in the states

We've all heard plenty about the Galaxy S4, and it seems like many of you have already made up your minds that the latest Galaxy device is indeed going to be your next smart phone purchase. Well today's the day if you're an AT&T or Sprint customer (or aspiring customer) to make it yours. Both carriers have the phone available in either "white frost" or "black mist", with 16GB of internal storage regardless of your color preference. Pricing is a touch different for each carrier, however.

If you are to order online, AT&T will be charging $199 on-contract for the S4, or $639 without a commitment. Sprint is looking like $149 on-contract if you're a new customer bringing your own number, or $249 for existing customers. Off-contract at Sprint is pegged at $599. As many are aware, there are often subtle pricing differences depending on the store you visit and the standing of your account, so it may be worth it to walk into a store today and find out. Pulled the trigger on one of these today? Many already have. Be sure to join the discussion in the forums.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 now available from AT&T and Sprint


Can't wait to get the best phone out!

I pre-ordered from Costco, so I'm getting it late -_-. Oh well, saved $150 minimum on three GS4s for the family.

My friend got one yesterday at Sprint. He ran it through 3Dmark and Antutu and got those big numbers like we have been reading about. That phone is a monster.

Don't let the scores decide. Your feel decide whichis better. You deal with your feel as long as you use this phone ,not these antutu things.

People buying the phones based on what they reading onlin. Like they buying device with high camera Pix not on what the camera software... It`s been like that all the time, and afterword they are the one who`s complaining.

You obviously don't read or maybe you have been reading too many posts from idiots online. Good lord that spelling is atrocious.

Sounds like he's not familiar with online tech groups. These flagship phones are upgrades from previous devices. The reviews explain the cutting edge features and the upgraded specs. We know what phones are, reviews tell us how they've expanded from our current core of experience. And with one of these modern phones, his spelling might improve.

Thought about upgrading on May 1st when I'm eligible, but just got the multi window update on my Sprint GS3.

Guess I'll wait and see what the Note 3 brings to the table.

Got the One yesterday. Plan on keeping it until next weekend. Then grabbing the SG4 for a week. Then deciding. The Ones us great, but having battery issues. And the two buttons are not responsive. But I love the phone. We'll see on the galaxy next week.

Walked into sprint and got s4... I'm done with pre order's. ..tired of having hands tied.
Phones great by the way.

If I get the S4 it sure will not be the 16 gig model. Less than 10 gigs usable space is not going to cut it. You can not put Apps on a SD card only music, pictures ect.

Right on Randy.............
Its Troublesome, Because Last Year The GS3 Launched With 16GB & 32Gb..@ The Same Time....
Plus With Sprint Charging $250. For a 16GB...They Are Waaaay out of Line....
if They Do Come out With a 32 & 64Gb.....What Are They Going To Charge...
Obviously....Waaaaay Too Much.....
AT&T is Coming out With a 32GB.....Pricing TBA.......

That must be a lot of apps you have. I have a lot of apps, but most of them are less than 20mb's, not much.

What about the 1GB games or the ones that are 500MBs? And Google play music only goes on the phone memory not the sdcard and Google play movies is the same also.

easy fix root then use GL TO SD free in the play store use it on my note 2 works great have 73 apps and games on it still have 5gb internal left put only 250 mb left on 32gb card

thanks for the tip , i am always almost running out of internal memory on my gn2
am gonna give this a try , i waited too long for a gnote 2 with 32 or 64 but it never came

There are also plenty of ROMs that have options to swap your internal & SD storage. So you could essentially have up to 64GB internal & 16GB external with that.

I picked up an AT&T S4 for my wife this morning. I walked in 5 minutes after the store opened, no line or anything. There was one other person in the store who was buying one, and I picked up the Black 16GB model because all the 32GB models were pre-sales. It's still plenty of space for the apps she uses, and I was able to put an SD card in there so she has all the space she needs.

The phone is fast, but I still feel like my LGOG running CM10.1 runs smoother than this phone. I can only imagine how amazing it will be when the people at XDA start making ROMs for it that are debloated and optimized like crazy.

I'm a long time Sprint customer and I've been on the fence about staying with them based on the crappy network where I live. No 4G and 3G is unreliable and slow. Sprint charging $249 for the GS4 is the last nail in the coffin. Prety sure I'll be moving to T-Mobile when my contract is up in June. Good 4G speeds here and no service contract.

Same here, leaving Vzn for S4 on T-Mobile.
Combination of HSPA 21 & 42 can't be matched in the middle industry, and a good part of the country will be covered with LTE by years end, signal when it comes to speed, T-Mobile is good.
I already tested their network here in Connecticut, strong signal here.

4G drops out way, way too much on my Vzn Samsung Droid Charge, and 3G on both Vzn & Sprint is garbage.

Sooooo glad I went with the One! I checked out the S4 at the at&t store today. So not impressed. Sorry Samsung fans. It's just an S3S. Seriously, hold it next to an S3. The screen is a smidgen bigger, and that's about it. Sooooo bland. Looks like a Ford Pinto next to an HTC Ferrari. I know looks aren't everything, but they do matter. The few gimmicky features the S3S has do not make it superior in function either. The One looks and runs beautifully. Enjoy your vanilla people!

Looks only matter to shallow and superficial people like you. I'll take a removable battery over aluminum and non-removable bloatware, thank you very much :P


My entire life, I never even heard of embedded
batteries until the IPhone came along.
It's such a stupid design decision.
It's not even an idea that should be considered!!!

I have the HTC ONE one Sprint, And my Battery way better than my GS3. The embedded bettery can go almost two days with me.

I have the HTC ONE one Sprint, And my Battery way better than my GS3. The embedded bettery can go almost two days with me.

Galaxy S4 has break through innovations that HTC One does not bring

1) Multi-View window (Runs two apps at once)
1.5) Watch videos on top of any application windows without turning it off
2) Wireless charging
3) NFC Tagging with (Samsung Tectiles 2)
4) Cheaper with unlimited memory expansion
5) Replaceable battery. Easily swap a new battery and your phone will run like new. You will have to ship it to HTC or a repair person to replace your battery. You might even void warranty.

6) Wider accessory availability ( due to the sheer marketing and market share power of Samsung)

7) Less costly to replace once the scratches and dents are accumulated over the years.
8) What is the point of getting a "metal" phone if you are only going to shield it with a plastic cover anyway?

My favorite STFU over Iphone trolls. I agree with them, Sammy uses cheap materials, beyond the Gorilla Glass. Iphone has a beautiful chassis. But both phones look the same in real life, as they're both buried in cheap rubber and plastic cases. They're identical in everyday use, except one has a teeny tiny screen.

Yup, and no line in the store, unlike the line at T-Mobile for the HTC One. There were people lined up before the store opened and they sold out in the first hour. So pumped I got mine! People are actually excited about the One, and just "Meh" about the S3S, oops I mean S4.

got phone today from Best Buy and they only had two of them in stock and only in Sprint. This phone is a beast of a phone compared to my old Nexus S4G and I am totally in love with this phone.

am wondering why is everybody else ok with only 16gigs of internal memory , i know the gs4 is awsome and so is my note 2 but with only 16 of memory and not being able to save apps on the sd card is not a good deal for me , i only have like 2 gigs free on my internal memory phone and all my media is stored in my sd card the only media stored in my phone is from slacker which doesnt allow me to store cached stations on my memory

if i see a 32 or 64 gs4 on sprint soon i might get it but not the 16

It isn't just that. The phone only ends up with about 9gb upon start up. Pretty ridiculous. Plus with apps only being stored on internal memory, it is very easy to start running low on space. And I'm not really sure about how pictures go about being stored if you have an sd card in so that is another problem. Then their are some that just dont care for cloud storage like me. So yea, 9gb is pretty bad for a phone nowadays.

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post.

wow everybody is so excited and so many talks about yeah it's definitely a monster. but if the octa s4 will be available in states then people will enjoy the real monster wow

Thanks in Advance

Walked in to compare the HTC One vs S4...not expecting to leave with an S4 but luckily they had 2 left... Woot!

I have the note 2 and I played with the htc one and I can't see why people like it so much. It feels terrible in my hand and the feed on the home screen sucks. There is noticeable lag when changing widgets and I hate the white line by the camera and is just to little lol

Which white line are you talking about? I have the HTC One and I love it. Special when I take picture in low light.

You obviously dont have the One. Even I ( who dont have either phone) knows what he is talking about. Stop trolling.

I went with the one on Friday and played with the S4 yesterday. I like the one. I do, but I loved my S3. I might just have to switch back to Sammy and get the S4. Sure, the One looks good and is well built but software annoyances on the One are pushing me away.

I find it funny how much people think there opinion matter more then others. I have the HTC one and my wife has the s4 now. While yes the s4 has some impressive stats I have never been a fan of touch wiz. Its slows the phone down. Also Samsung will not release the full drivers to developers so you will not get a fully functional ROM if you root it just like this s3. While yes the HTC one had a few things on there sense 5 skin and at first the response was lagging some. I fixed both very easy by adjusting settings and then loading the go next launcher. And I was able to go to HTC website and unlock and root it day one. So now my HTC one runs much smoother then s4. I don't care about big bench mark numbers. They really do mean nothing. If your a run of the mill phone user then both phones are great. But if your like me and want to modify your phone and make it your own. Then you can't beat the HTC one.

How can the One - 1.7ghz quad-core processor,
and the S4 - 1.9ghz quad-core processor either have ANY

I've seen plenty of videos showing the home screens being flicked through even with TouchWiz, the homescreens fly.

I don't get how there could possibly be any lag on either phone?!?!?

Its hard to explain. Only way to really see the difference is if you have ever run a vanilla android phone like the nexus 4. Android runs so much smoother and faster then what the other manufacturers do to modify it.

And when the new x phone and nexus 5 comes out. Both phones will no longer be at the top. If even half the rumors are true about these phones. They will make both the HTC and s4 look like mid range phones. Imho

I have the One , and I would like to unlock it, so where did you go on the HTC website ? What I should look for?

I just switched to sprint and was a iPhone user, I hated the thing! I first left with the s3 and my husband got the HTC one. In a week I got the one as well,yesterday actually and I don't like the way it runs compared to the s3 but the battery on this is amazing so that's mainly why I made the switch but I find this laggy even after I did the system update..does rooting void a warranty? I keep reading it will... I like this phone and the extras but it's not worth the issues I find I'm having. Maybe rooting it will help?? Also since your tech savy do you know if the new ICS update will bring along new settings for personalization like the galaxy offers?

I ordered one from Best Buy yesterday because they don't have any in the store. They thought they were going to get a shipment in yesterday but it never came and some at BB say there is a chance it will come today while someone else at BB said they never get Sunday deliveries.

Don't understand Sprint saying they will have the GS4 and then not having it to the stores on time. Bad business, but that is Sprint for ya.

Hoping this phone is worth all the nonsense.

As a previous GS3 and Note 2 owner, the S4 is more than just an incremental upgrade, this phone is amazing! Sorry, but HTC doesn't have the proper bloatware, yes I said it, bloatware that make this one amazing. HTC feels like a piece of metal n it feels boxy. What's the point of having a more "premium" device if the software isn't there to back it up.

Even though you pay full price for a phone at t mobile, you save almost 2,000 dollars over 2 years with no contracts and the freedom to change phones whenever.

For the enthusiasts, get the S4.

The HTC One is only good for maybe the initial few weeks.

After marveling about the supposed metal finishes, you will be bored with its lack of features.

Samsung's Galaxy S4, on the other hand, have loads of features you can enjoy for many months. You can do so much more with the Galaxy S4 than with the HTC One.

Those who flaunt the HTC with its metal build materials are missing the point when most people will use a plastic phone cover to cover up that "metal" finish of their phone. What is the point of doing that? What is the point of having a metal phone if you arent going to expose it and most likely scratch, dent and bend the thing? Its more expensive to repair a dented and scratched metal than it is to replace a polycarbonate back on the Samsung Galaxy S4. $19 polycarbonate cover replacement vs $60-100 warranty work for fixing the metal phone. I'd certainly pick the cheaper solution.

One thing that still bothers me about HTC is they still refuse to put a toggle bar for wifi, gps, etc in the notification area like Samsung. Drives me nuts. I know it is minor but come on HTC.

I played with both the htc one and the galaxy s4 and have to admit the gs4 looks good IMO but I also love the htc ones speakers and premium feel. So I would say I would get the gs4 because I love to change batteries lol.

I think it speaks volumes for Android that people are so passionate about HTC One vs. Galaxy S4. No trolls for Apple at all, how great is that?!