Galaxy S4

Firmware version I9500ZCUAMDG comes complete with all Odin files

With every big phone release comes a software leak just ahead of launch day. Today, it's the Samsung Galaxy S4's turn to show us the software. AdamLange of XDA Developers has been kind enough to post the first leaked version of Galaxy S4 firmware, in its complete form.

Samsung users that have installed custom firmware on their devices before are already familiar with Odin, a Windows application that allows firmware to be flashed on Samsung phones via USB. This Galaxy S4 leak comes complete with all the Odin files, namely the CSC, PDA and modem. This particular software is intended for the Chinese market; as time goes on and more leaks are obtained, they will be posted in AdamLange's thread.

Flashing stock firmware via Odin is a sure bet for getting Samsung phones back to factory condition and fixing any problems that may arise from installing custom firmware. Those that like to root and flash ROMs and kernels on their phones should definitely have a stock Odin package ready to go -- just in case. Keep an eye on the forums for the latest how-to guides and lists of flashable goodies, as them become available.

Source: XDA Developers


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Samsung Galaxy S4 sees first complete firmware leak


Thanks for the post @Casey Rendon
wow that's really advance act from XDA developers. who those love to root their phone, good news for them before samsung s4 totally impact all over the world. LOL

Thanks in Advance

The good news here is that some of the new APKs COULD be available very soon for the SGS3. I am thinking of the camera in particular, but we shall see...

Stock SGS3 and Note2 roms come in around 1-1.2GB and that doesn't include the carrier bloat. Looking forward to seeing what the extra ~400MB is for :-)