Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile

This pretty much leaked out a few days ago, but now T-Mobile has gone and made it semi-official on Twitter and its little game site: The Samsung Galaxy S is coming, and it'll be called the Vibrant. No word on when and for how much, but here's to hoping we find out next week at Sammy's event in New York. [Twitter,] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Samsung Galaxy S officially will be the Vibrant on T-Mobile


The Galaxy is really getting around. I wonder if they will strip stuff out and lock it down as tight as AT&T?

Its nice to see the same phone (nearly) showing up on multiple carriers as it will let users vote with their wallet on carrier quality a little more easily instead of being locked to one carrier just because they want a specific phone.

Now if we could get Moto to branch out a little wider with their high end phones that would help too.