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If you've been struggling to pass the time awaiting the moment when you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S III for yourselves, Samsung's got you covered. The full user manual for the international version of  the device is now out there on the interwebs for anyone interested in reading it. All 181 pages of it. Will it contain anything we haven't already covered? Most probably not, but it's there for those who want it. 

The only contentious point arising so far seems to surround the supported microSD card sizes. Page 20 of the manual states that the Galaxy S III will support sizes up to 32GB. We know from the keynote in London though, that the initial presentation of the S III's specs showed support for 64GB cards. Could be a mis-print. Or, there could be something more sinister behind it. For now though, we'll hedge our bets on the first one. In any case, hit the source link below if you're interested in taking a look. 

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy S III user manual appears in all its 181-page glory


Last I checked in various forums, almost everyone that has tested a 64gb microsd card on their android phone has had nothing but success provided that its formatted properly.

I have a 64GB card in my GSII as well. The manual's say they only support up to a certain size but I think most newer phones can handle more. Long as the card is formatted in the phone itself it should show up.

Mainly its a formatting issue.

The older SDHC card up to 32GB were formatted
with FAT32, while the newer SDXC cards 32GB
to 2TB are formatted with exFAT.

So to use the newer SDXC card all you need to
do is reformat them with FAT32. This should
work with most, but not all, phones as some
older and/or low end phones didn't support
volumes over 32GB.