We've seen pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G come from a few retailers now, and while Walmart will be selling it for $148.88, Radio Shack has also priced theirs accordingly. Come launch time you can hit up a Radio Shack in your area and pick up a fresh Samsung Galaxy S 4G for only $149.99 with a new two-year contract. We still don't know what T-Mobiles pricing for it will be so best to not lay out any plans as of yet but good to know where to go in case T-Mobile overprices theirs. [T-MoNews]


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Samsung Galaxy S 4G to be sold for $149.99 at Radio Shack


Phone sucks just like the samsung galaxy how do you release a phone in 2011 and not include a flash for the camera FAILURE

I just picked up the Captivate from Radio Shack for free for my Dad. He was staying with ATT anyway, so why not get an Android for nothing?

I just hope that he doesn't want to use the GPS. They still haven't fixed that problem yet. I am still waiting for the GPS and or Froyo for mine.

Who cares, because it won't ever get any OS updates. I should have passed myself and stuck with HTC instead. I'm not saying mine has not been good to me, but the lack of updates to the OS has put Samsung at the end of the line for my choice of phone manufacturers.