Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro

Announced along with their full holiday line up in New York not long ago, AT&T will be making the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro available to those looking for a rough and rugged device come October 21st. For $100 you'll get yourself a military grade, waterproof, shock resistant and dust proof device with Android 4.0, LTE connectivity, a 5MP camera and a 4-inch Super AMOLED display at 480 x 800. Sure, it won't win any beauty pageants but it's built to last. We've already gone hands-on with it and set up a nice gallery for you all in case you're thinking of picking this one up.


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Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro arrives on AT&T on Oct. 21


Only the s is reserved for high quality phones. But there are different levels of the galaxy line (s, r, y and one other one I can't remember now.) So the galaxy is just for any Samsung phone right now that's android I believe.

If this were a Verizon offering, this would probably be my next device; it would at least be on the short list. Come on Casio / VZW, let's get an LTE "Commando 2" out here.
Edit: And I see on some other sites it (Commando successor) is at the FCC.

This looks like a great phone for people who's small kids are constantly borrowing their phone and don't want a huge bulky case.