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If the rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a QHD display. The folks at GSMArena got their hands on a document that allegedly reveals key details about Samsung's upcoming flagship device's display. It's said to measure in at 5.7 inches with an eye-popping 1440p resolution and a pixel density of 515 PPI.

According to the document, the Galaxy Note 4 is codenamed "Muscat" and is referred to as Project T within Samsung. The model number SM-N910 follows the naming convention of earlier Exynos-based Note models (Galaxy Note 3 is SM-N900), so there might be some validity to these claims.

The document also states that the Note 4 will retain a 5.7-inch screen size, which is interesting considering that earlier iterations all featured an increase in screen size of 0.2 inches from their predecessors: the original Galaxy Note had a 5.3-inch screen, the Galaxy Note 2 a 5.5-inch display and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a 5.7-inch screen.

Although the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 may not feature a larger screen in the conventional sense of the word, the device is rumored to come with a three-sided YOUM display. The YOUM display is said to allow viewing notifications from an angle. Samsung executives have been coy that the new Note will likely have a different form than the existing smartphones. There is no official confirmation regarding the display, but it is likely that we'll see an eventual launch in September at the IFA. It is far too early to talk about availability details, but a rumor from earlier this month mentioned that the device would allegedly be making its way to AT&T.

Source: GSMArena


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored to have 5.7-inch 1440p display


Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

Not sure if it is sarcasm, but I was hoping and am glad they keep the 5.7 inch display (if this is true). Bigger than that and it becomes ridiculous.

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Not sarcasm, I really mean it is a good job, flagship with 5.5 like g3 o one plus is so big, nexus 5 is big enough for me.

Posted from my new Nexus 5

Yes. I'm hoping it stays at the same screen size because 6 inches is starting to reach just a little bit. The screen is gigantic as it is already.

What if they made the screen bigger but kept or made the phone smaller?
Wouldn't that be better?

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? Are you laughing AT Samsung for having 2 successful high end phones? Do you think flagship actually MEANS something important?

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Very happy that I stayed with my Galaxy S4 and skipped on all the current flagships. The Galaxy Note 4 is the device I wanted to upgrade to and the QHD display is the main feature I wanted in my new smart phone. I'm ready to spend $700 or $800 on the Note 4 :D

lol. If it's because of the price? Well I spent $620 on the Galaxy S4 and that was a year ago. Not sure what the price of the Note 4 is going to be, but I guess that it will be somewhere between $700 and $800.

Sounds like the mistake was grabbing the S4 when you should have waited for the Note 3 to come out, but what's done is done I guess.

True, I regretted getting the S4 when I ended up seeing the Note 3 in person, but my old phone was giving me too many problems and I didn't know enough about the Note 3 at that point. Either way, this will make the upgrade even to the Note 4 even better, coming from an S4. I say that because even with the Note 3, I probably would have upgraded to the Note 4 because of the QHD display.

I'm done paying those kinds of prices for phones. The hardware and software have gotten to a point where a phone like the moto G can give you a very similar experience for 1/4-1/3 of the price and you save even more on a prepaid carrier. No thanks Samsung, I've loved my note 2 and also hated it at times. I'm done paying for your marketing budget on overpriced hardware and non optimized bloated software for features I don't want to have and will never use.

LG, MOTOROLA or Google (Nexus) are getting my money from now on and I won't be spending more than $400.

Posted via Android Central App

KaBOOM!! I've made this same pledge 3 years ago. Waiting to see this Silver line of phones from Google before I decide on going to Motorola.

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

Your right, these types of phones are not for you if you think that you get the same experience from the Note 4 that you would get from the Moto G. The Note series is a class all its own due to its practical business applications.

Are you kidding me? The moto G is one of the phones with the least features, it's right up there with the nexus 5 as having no features. Even skins like sense and Sony Xperia which aren't particularly now for being feature packed have more features than the G.

The price of the G is good though, hard to argue against that.

Posted via Android Central App

Id rather a phone with "no features" as you claim than one for twice the price and 8 gb of features i dont want. the play store give me all the features i need.

I agree sir. I have an S4 right now which is positively loaded down with "features" that (after almost a year owning the phone) I have never adjusted to and usual just end up turning off or hiding. Most of this crap is more annoying that it's worth. Give me a stripped down, fast as hell user experience (regardless of what specs may say) and I'll be happy.

There are a hundreds of apps that will mod your phone to do almost anything you want short if pleasuring yourself. I'll pick and choose for myself.

Enjoy paying an extra $300-400 for an extra half inch of screen size all you Note lovers

Motorola doesn't have any plans to offer a QHD display. That display is my top priority for upgrading, the Moto X only offered a 1280x720 display. While some people may not notice any difference between 720p,1080p, 1440p, or a difference between DVD and Blu-ray or Streamed HD and Blu-ray, I do and the display is the most important factor for me to upgrade from my Galaxy S4.

On top of that, the camera is of higher quality than Motorola or Nexus, 4K recording capabilities. Removable battery and sd card slot. Even if Touchwiz will slow down the Note 4, which I don't really have an issue with my S4, I'll take that as long as I can have a QHD display. To spend another $400 to get a device with another 1080p screen, I would just rather stay with my S4 and save the $400.

It was coming down to the G3 or the Note 4, depended on who would bring the QHD display. Since it's very likely that the Note 4 will include the QHD, that will likely be my next phone. And I'll gladly pay the extra cash to enjoy the larger screened, higher resolution Note 4. Those that are looking for only a snappy OS, probably will do just fine with a Moto X, but that low resolution screen definitely is not for me at this point.

Nope! I'm staying away from both of those companies. I'm going to give LG my money this year. If they don't disappoint me, they'll have made a loyal customer.

That would be a great idea if the HTC prime would make it an HTC One Max Prime same specs 5.9 inch display or at least a 5.7" display but I may still consider it with the 5.5" display I'm getting tired of my past 3 phones I've had the Note, Note II, and current phone Note 3

Posted via Android Central App

Not if it has TouchWiz on it. This will be my last Samsung phone unless I get a GPE edition S5

Posted via Android Central App

Same here, Samsung needs to fix the green hue on their amoled displays, it's really noticeable when displaying dark scenes, or black wallpapers. I have a LG G Pad 8.3 and an S4, and the difference is very noticeable, the IPS display on the LG is much cleaner and more natural with no banding.
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I had a note 3 and previously a note 2 I never encountered this hue problem u speak of

Anyway I'm more excited about youm then 1440p

It's there, you need to have a non amoled screen next to it to notice, I am not making this up, it's been a known issue with amoled displays.

Posted via Android Central App

You can change the color temperature of the screen in the settings to probably fix that.

Posted via Android Central App

When you have to put two phones together to notice something, it's a non issue.

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Never seen the hue that they are talking about, and I have had two phones next to each other (not right this second, but recently)

Me either. And I'm not going to hunt down another note 3 just to test it.

Posted via Android Central App

I think he means put something like a G2 or an One next to it, not another Note. I have done that and don't see it. Granted I was not looking at the time either, but I think that would have stood out

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Can't wait I've been a note fan since day one please give as a nice one samsung like the rest

poasted from my perfect the way it is note 3

Yes! A successor to a high-end phone that does NOT creep up in screen size. Sadly it is a phablet but maybe there is hope.

PS. I am typing this post on a bus on my way to work and it wouldn't be possible if I couldn't use my Nexus 5 one handed. (Just barely)

Posted via Android Central App

there is a mode on the note called "one handed mode" which would/does make it entirely possible to type with one hand

This. Plus the feature that shrinks the whole screen into a window on the side.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes you could. The note 3 has the feature which shrinks keyboard and moves it to the left or the right. It also has a feature that shrinks the whole screen into a window on the left or right edge of the display. The first feature once turned on is always on, and the second can be done at any time. Easy peasy one handed use for the rare times you only have one hand free and a bigger screen for movies/games/reading.
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Make this waterproof and submersible like the S5 and I'm sold. Currently rocking a Note 3 and love it! I'm worried about how the uber-high pixel density with the humongous screen will impact battery life (or body bulk if they decide to supersize the battery cell to compensate).

Hadn't thought about that... You're right :( Well, I hope they figure out a way to make it submersible hehe Maybe a detachable flap 'a-la-charging-port-cover'? Something that wouldn't get in the way when using it on a daily basis but that can be attached to protect the S-Pen underwater. Sounds doable...

i think its possible. make the cavity where the pen sits completely sealed and im sure the components of the pen itself can be made waterproof too

That's what I thought, first. But then I thought that if the cavity is NOT sealed, water will stay there. Even if the S-Pen is waterproof (membranes all around should do the trick), constant humidity is not good for any material.

Not liking the screen size staying at 5.7". It's a major reason I passed on the Note 3 and stuck with the Note 2. For me, a larger screen is a much more compelling reason to upgrade than a higher resolution and PPI.

Also, the three sided YOUM display sounds like a gimmick. I'd like to think Samsung wouldn't ruin the Note line like that. But you never know. We'll see.

I feel the same way, even though I have a Note 3, I am very much looking forward to the next version of the Galaxy Mega. Rumors are that Samsung is going to drop the size of the Mega down to 6", which would make it a perfect candidate to be my next phone. I hope they also bump the resolution up to 1080p this time as well.

yeah I have to admit, I was hoping for that slight bump up to 5.9"

I do not think the 3 sided display is a gimmick, I actually find that it could be useful. I honestly thought we were gonna see it on the Note 3, especially since it was announced earlier in the year, but I will be more than happy to take it this year...

Yes disappointed if it's the same size. Not expandable, or a 2nd e-reader window on the back?
I still don't enjoy browsing full page websites on this.

Posted via Android Central App

QHD is a must, but keeping it 5.7 is a really bad choice. It took me less then two weeks to be comfortable with 5.7 and two weeks after that I looked envious at the 6.3" of the Mega.
Give us at least 6 inch and a much better low light camera and my company will by a truck load of them :-)

The Mega is more of a tablet substitute. 5.7" is big enough for a phone, at least until they figure out how to get rid of the bezel.

I sincerely doubt that the note 3 is 25% bezel up front.

And if you agree that is the best compared to everything else on the market, what more could you ask for? Edge to edge displays are impractical with glass, not to mention you would need the phone to get thicker to accommodate all the internals that covered by the top and bottom bezel

Posted via Android Central App

almost too little bezel. In landscape I'm always pulling down the notifications. In portrait I hit screen buttons pressing the home button.

Posted via Android Central App

The megas screen is a joke, you want a larger screen that has less resolution and less pixel density? When the mega came out I checked out its screen and it looked a lot less clearer than my note 3, if I had to pick between higher pixel density,720 P vs 1080 P, and 5.7 inches and 6.3 inches I would take the 5.7 any day, .6 inches isn't worth to have a larger screen with less Technology on it when the screens are already past the 5.5 marks, they're already big enough, 5.7 is just right, 6.3 is too big

If the man wants 6 inches that bad give it to him. lol sorry. Seriously though Note 3 is awesome, would go bigger and be happy!!

Posted via Android Central App

I hope they keep the screen size the same. 5.7 is big enough!! Kind of surprised were not hearing more rumors about the note 4.

I'm glad they are not going bigger. Love a big display but I have trouble holding on to my Note 3 as it is. Hope they can shrink the device and keep the same screen size. I still think sticking with the 5.5" screen from the note 2 would have been plenty.

I hope this fixes the color cast that plagues Samsung's current displays. I prefer HTCs lo-res camera as an option to having to look at Samsung's screen.

You mean the green hue that is prevalent in amoled displays, Samsung still has not fixed this issue.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I've had Samsung phones with amoled screens since 2010 (unless the wave wasnt amoled) and I've never noticed this.

Posted via Android Central App

I also have the S3 and it's the same issue, it's not just me, this has been discussed on many forums, it has something to do with the way the green phosphor works on amoled displays, it's there, it's also called color banding, older PDP displays also had this issue.

Posted via Android Central App

If it's as laggy and unstable as the Note 3 I'll probably pass. Was really looking forward to that phone and it turned out to be a pretty huge disappointment.

Totally agree with you, unfortunately the note 3 is indeed laggy and unstable.. Especially running kitkat

Posted via Android Central App

You guys must be the type to complain but not try to get it fixed. I have yet to feel any kind of lag. It's not to say that it isn't possible but for how much it costs to own one I'd be asking questions rather than just excusing it as a "note" issue.

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My phone was bought unlocked (no carrier bloatsware only Samsung bloat) android/core process has stopped working is a message I get regularly. When this happens only thing that helps is a full factory reset. I have tried using the phone with only only pre installed apps and it still happens. Camera often force closes... Plus lots of other force closers and yeah its laggy. Retailer where I purchased from wants to send it away to Samsung for latest firmware /reset.. Already been done. I have spoken to Samsung 3 times and they just advise factory reset or send it to them and they will install the latest firmware.
Sending the phone back means I will be without it for 2 or 3 weeks and if Samsung find a hardware fault they will exchange it for a reconditioned unit.. Sorry I paid 750.00 for a new phone and they service is rubbish.. No I don't just complain without doing anything, I am trying to sort this out but Samsung and the retailer don't want to help... So never again a Samsung for me

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe a defective unit or carrier bloat or something. My Note 3 f/c'd a couple of apps and lagged a little so I exchanged it. No issues with my replacement.

Posted via Android Central App

I got my $50 Best Buy reservation and gift cards stacking up for the Note 4. So as the months roll... $20 here $20 there. Almost fill like I got it free. ..lmao ALMOST!

Posted via Android Central App

Meh. I'd consider it if it doesn't have Knox (which it will) and the modem is improved (probably not). So I will get a OnePlus One and save some cash. I prefer CM over TW anyway.

I have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3! I love this phone! But can't wait to see the note 4! BTW the best Samsung phones are the notes and then the others!

I have the note3 and love to hate it at times, as we all know no phone is going to be perfect including the iphone. I hear my wife getting mad at her iphone 5S. I'm excited about the note4, would be good if it just came with stock android instead of touchwize.

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For my personal reasons I hope they stay at 5.7in. I find the Note 2's 5.5 is the ideal sweet spot for me because I'm still able to use it one handed.

Posted via Android Central App

it is the same form factor, it did not get bigger from the Note 2 to the Note 3, just the screen did.

I assume he wasn't reaching across to the bezel on the Note 2 lol All the same there are one handed modes he/she could use anx thd keyboard would be as close to the thumb as the freakin iPhone so the one handed argument holds zero water.

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Glad to know the Note 4 won't get bigger. It's plenty big now, although some days I do wish it had just a little more screen real estate.

Sweet. Even though I'm not really a Samsung fan anymore I've respected the note line since the note II.
Samsung seems to make the note series the true powerhouse flagship. So far everything the galaxy s series gets the note receives. And last year being the first android device to having 3GB of ram and coming in 32GB as standard model I can't help but geek out.
Doubt I'll switch from moto g or moto x series but I always love the note series. Forgot a Google play edition of the GS4 or GS5. A play edition of the note 4 would be better. Probably impossible though since it needs touchwiz.
Posted via Android Central App

I would have to say yes that a GPe Note would be a waste. Too many shared libraries

Posted via Android Central App

The note line has been the perfect phone for me since the note 2. Upgraded to the note 3 and I couldn't be happier. The only two features that I would expect from the next version would be a serious upgrade to the camera and maybe front facing speakers or at least some serious enhancements in the sound department, not to say that its terrible now but there's a lot of room for improvement in that area. The scree size I think its just right as how it is on the note 3, I think the maximum size for a phone would be 6" but that would be pushing it a little bit and probably discourage many note users who have already got used to the big size as it it now. I'm only 5' 4" with small hands but I believe I could still handle a 6" phone in my hand but with a little discomfort.

I'm finding my Note 2 needs more horsepower and I hope the Note4 gives that plus added memory. Both are needed!

Posted via Android Central App

I am so glad I am holding out for the Note 4. That is going to be one awesome phone! This is coming from a current Note 3 user. :) I hope the battery life improves just a little bit.

I loved my Note II and I love my current Note 3. There's a good chance I'll have the Note 4 at some point, too. I'm a sucker like that. :-D

Those numbers aren't big enough to satisfy my fanboy rants! it has to have a LEAST a 24in screen and have quad intel i7 processors with some magic Nvidia Graphics, and not that mobile laptop garbage, REAL HARDWARE!!!!!!!! (lol)

I can't wait. The Note 2 is what brought me over from BlackBerry and kept me here. Previously, I tried the Thunderbolt, returned after 12 days, the Droid 4, gave it to my daughter who loved it.
I will have had this phone for the duration of my 2 year contract by the time the 4 hits Verizon. I can't remember the last time I kept a phone for 2 years.

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