Samsung Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S

The Korea Herald today is reporting that the unlocking mechanism on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not the subject of a new legal complaint filed by Apple.

The Galaxy Nexus was first named as a target on Jan. 20 on Florian Mueller's FOSS Patents blog. But an unnamed Samsung official tells the Korea Herald that Google's first Android 4.0 device isn't on the list of supposedly infringing devices provided by Apple.

“We’re aware that there was a hearing involving Apple’s slide-to-unlock feature after our patent infringement case last Friday and a series of products in the Galaxy lineup were accused there, but what we’ve discovered is that the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t one of them,” the company official said.

The unlocking mechanism on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- what's in the unadultered Android 4.0 code, actually, and is not a feature specific to Samsung devices -- at the very least looks and feels different than the slide-to-unlock bar on iOS. In Ice Cream Sandwich, you have a ring that you pull to the left to launch the camera application, or right to unlock the phone. Apple's iOS has a button that you slide to unlock the device. (See our picture above if you've somehow never seen the iOS unlock screen before.)

Samsung has been the target of lawsuits from Apple for months now, with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 having been hit with a German injunction over its design (Samsung released a tweaked version recently to skirt the injunction) and is continuing to fight claims in the Netherlands. The process continues to slog on, and with Apple having just posted some ridiculous incredible earnings figures, we'd expect it to look to extend itself over any and all competition.

Source: Korea Herald; thanks, Chaz!


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Apple lawsuit is not targeting Galaxy Nexus unlock screen


I'm confused as well. Even if they wanted to count the screen unlock on the Epic 4G that one you have to flick up (pretty much just like the Palm Pre).

I still think they should go after Google for completely ripping off Apple's awesome notification pulldown system......

Actually the pulldown notification was Samsungs creation. They had it in their Samsung Instint line up. You pull down the notifuication bar to get to your info and messages etc. Google adopted it with Android and made it 10x better. I'm not even sure they knew Samsung had it first.

What, are you serious? There was a time when you thought Florian Mueller had credibility?


Apple sucks plain and simple. They can't innovate to save their lives and rely upon litigation and the legions of lemmings and idol worshipers to buy their dated products. In their latest earnings call the iPhone made up 53% of their quarterly revenue which is why they are scared. Android is gobbling up global share and at current pace will kill off Apple's cash cow. Apple sees this and are doing whatever they can to try and remain relevant in the mobile market.

Well, they innovate a few times here and there, but THEN try to litigate their way to continued success. The iPhone WAS innovative. But it hasn't changed since 2007 unless you count the things it ripped off from other devices and OSes.

Give them their credit. They did something great in this space 5 years ago, they just haven't done anything new since.

I'm no fan of Apple, but they sold 37 million phones last quarter, have nearly 50% gross margins, made 42 billion dollars in 3 months and have 100 BILLION in the bank. They really aren't that scared, they caught up A LOT of marketshare in just one quarter with a minor updated version of 1 phone. That's far from 'trying to remain relevant'.

I still wonder fully about these numbers, Apple to me is a huge marketing department and such is good at making things sound good either it be numbers or features we dont really need. I ran into something interesting a few weeks back. I was searching for something on the galaxy nexus and ending up finding reviews and since I have one figured I'd read what the writers had to say. Well I read a 3 page review said Wow they really didnt like the phone or android, so I started looking for others. Well I found many others and after skimming over them I noticed they all were the same review word for word but on totally different sites with different writers names. Now being even more curious I dug deeper and finally noticed these 5-10+ sites all were Pro-Apple not suprised. This to me looks like Apple's marketing at work but my question that keeps kicking in my head could they really be that smart?

I'm pretty sure Apple has a patent in there somewhere that talks about something vague like "Delivering an electrical current from a contained power source to a device on a mobile network"

That's pretty much the wording of 90% of their patents.

What this says to me is that Apple doesn't want to take on Google -- at least not directly. If Apple attacks 4.0, Google will have no choice but to become embroiled - and that's something neither of them want.

This soup of IP issues floats on some deep and heavy facts.

Apple has been developing design ideas and collecting patents for three decades, mainly to defend their position. They have $80-100 billion in cash reserves, tens of millions of really loyal customers and sustainable 30% margins. Because of this Apple are virtually immune from public opinion. Their only weakness (compared to companies like Samsung, LG or Sony) is the narrow market they focus on.

Android will continue to evolve; in hardware terms they out evolve Apple. It is a dominant player in Smart-Phones and will get stronger in Tablets. But the health of the ecosystem is the key to it's future and soon there will be another huge player in this worldwide game.

People who support Android should keep an eye on Microsoft and Windows 8. That is the next and most serious threat for both iOS and Android, perhaps we should bickering and team up.

MS is way too late to the game. They haven't brought anything really compelling to the market, just a novel interface paradigm that is pretty much just a gimmick.

People don't use Microsoft products because they want to, they usually use them because they have no choice. It would take a considerable real innovation for them to change that reality.