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The seemingly endless wait for the official Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories continues to drag on. Latest developments see the range added to the Samsung US website. Sounds good right? Before you all go rushing on over there waving your credit cards, you might want to take a step back. 

The range is showing up as out of stock, and worse still is on a two week backorder. Being on backorder is practically the same as no order, but perhaps we're gradually edging closer to getting our hands on  these -- particularly that sweet car dock. We really want one of those. 

On the other side of the Atlantic over here in the UK, things aren't looking any brighter. Clove Technology were hoping to have had their first stocks for the GSM Galaxy Nexus by now. Their product pages have been updated to reflect "availability to be confirmed" and "first stock delayed."

Expansys UK are still showing availability over Tuesday and Wednesday next week, but their dates haven't changed in some time now. We're all hoping they're accurate, but sadly not holding out too many hopes. 

If Samsung themselves have placed a two week backorder on stocks though, perhaps that means we will actually be able to get our hands on some in two weeks. Looks like for now though the wait continues. 

Source: Samsung Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories showing up on Samsung U.S. website, but we can't have them just yet


forget about accessories! i'd like to just be able get my hands on an official subsidized G-Nex on my carrier!

this Verizon exclusive is asinine!

You're not missing much. I'm sorely uninterested in my VZW Nexus. Android 4.0 is awesome in it's own right. But, wow talk about lackluster hardware to support it. I just got mine 3 days ago. Already thinking either Maxx or Rezound as a replacement.

lackluster hardware? what exactly are you looking for that it lacks that the other two have?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I added the car dock to my shopping cart and it shows as in stock. The only one that shows as backordered is the desktop dock.

I was hoping a store like Best Buy would start selling the unlocked GSM GN here in the US soon. The more time that goes by, the more I'm tempted to keep my N1 until the next Nexus phone is released. That is assuming they continue to release a New Nexus every 11 months or so...

I have considered that but I worry about a couple things. One of them is not getting the yakju version of ICS. I have never rooted or anything before. Though, I could figure it out if I needed to. The other thing is the warranty. I am not sure how/where I would get the phone fixed if it broke.

The YAKJU thing is really easy to remedy. I bought a GSM Galaxy Nexus from Negri Electronics and got the YAKJUWX version (I used the GNOfficial Update app to find out). I, like you, wanted the YAKJU version, so all you have to do is a few easy steps. 1) Unlock the bootloader using the fastboot oem unlock command. If you don’t know what that is, a quick google search will tell you how to do it. 2) Download the stock YAKJU build of Android from Google’s website, found here: 3) Use fastboot to flash the stock YAKJU to your phone, and that’s it. I did it in about 15 minutes, and now I have the stock YAKJU build on my phone. A good thread for this process can be found here:

Hope this helps calm at least some of your fears, and if you decide to do it, good luck!

The only car dock I see there is the gimped one that I already have where you have to plug the power cable into the phone through a hole in the dock and the phone isn't placed into car mode.

Look into Proclip. Yeah they're a bit pricier but you can hide the power cord and you can just use Tasker or another program to initiate car mode when plugged in. I used one with my DINC for years. With CM7 I even made it so when I plugged it in bluetooth turned on which saved battery.

Ok, even the picture shows epic FAIL. You set the GNex in the dock landscape style, but the screen stays portrait? I wouldn't pay $20 for that.

Beyond that, do you really wanna run the risk while some people are talking about screen burn? A dock is almost guaranteed to cause a burn or burn out if there is such an issue.

A portrait dock exists because Google has a video on YouTube that they released for Christmas which shows their Android Staff celebrating the holidays etc. At the beginning a Google employee is sitting at his desk and has his Galaxy Nexus in a portrait dock and it rings... unless it's the Nexus S. I can't link to it because I am at work. It's on the Nexus channel.

About the car dock, I want to purchase the one that uses the charging pins built into the right-side of the phone , like the Nexus One did. Is this dock similar?

OK, I just looked it up on my phone. The video is called "Happy Holidays - From Android" At 1:12 in the video it shows the Galaxy Nexus in the portrait dock.

I have heard that the Galaxy II dock will work with the Galaxy Nexus, so maybe that's what this is....

This video is a few months old.