You lucky, lucky Brits. Already home to more Android devices than us, you guys can now officially purchase the Samsung Galaxy I7500 from O2. Stop by a O2 retail store, head online to, or even phone in an order to grab Samsung's first Android device. The Samsung Galaxy is a great Android phone that has been kind of swept under the rug in the US (probably because the Lite version has gained traction).

Anyone in UK buying a Samsung Galaxy? Already using one?


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Samsung Galaxy I7500 Now Available on O2 in UK


Hi Casey,

The Galaxy was announced in Israel late August, and will be sold via 2 cellular providers (Cellcom and Pelephone). Part of the launch was a social media campaign, in which I participated. My impressions of the device are here:

I should also disclose that I won the Samsung Galaxy challenge and got a brand new device, free of charge:


I am impressed by the new android phone- Samung Galaxy i7500. It has list of nice features. The call quality is really very satisfying. Text messaging is very helpful and users can easily access the internet. The worst point of this cell phone is the poor battery life. Overall, there can be many improvements in this cell phone.

It’s sharp and conclusive. So the HTC would be the better choice here? What kind of software should Samsung add to have their phones run better? I mean I haven’t heard about such problems around the Samsung Jet. But again it does seem that the popularity of the Android operating system is rising continiously.