Oh, hipsters. You give them a couple free Samsung Galaxy Aces and what do you know, they run out and take a video of themselves doing some crazy public stunt using said phones. While the video itself is pretty standard fare -- hip soundtrack, 20-somethings, annoyed older bystanders -- the video quality is quite good and shows that the mid-range Ace is a perfectly capable device. [YouTube] Thanks, Vincenzo


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Samsung Galaxy Ace used to shoot slow-motion hipster stunt

My hip alter-ego apparently. Features include: longer, unkempt hair; 90's products t-shirts; skinny jeans; sunglasses; an air of superiority. Expected launch in Q2 2011. Price and carriers TBA.

Huh guess im a hipster. I listen to indie bands study in the arts and im transfering to nyu next year. Also to the eariker post ironicly enough nymag is well known to hipsters.

Technically, this is “time lapse,” which is substantially less demanding to record than “slow motion” from a camera-capability persective.

All the same, not a bad day out if you’re a group of somebodies with *absolutely nothing* meaningful to do with a day of your life.