Oh, hipsters. You give them a couple free Samsung Galaxy Aces and what do you know, they run out and take a video of themselves doing some crazy public stunt using said phones. While the video itself is pretty standard fare -- hip soundtrack, 20-somethings, annoyed older bystanders -- the video quality is quite good and shows that the mid-range Ace is a perfectly capable device. [YouTube] Thanks, Vincenzo

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What exactly is the definition of a Hipster Kyle?

PhilR8 says:

Fixed-gear bicycle, ironic out-of-style clothing (like tweed, etc), ironic facial hair, use of mass-market products to advertise individuality and ironic sensibilities (ie PBR, Apple products). See here:



hip·ster 2
2. Often, hipsters. hiphugger underpants for women and girls.

VagrantRadio says:

Lol, what is a "hipster kyle"?

Kyle Gibb says:

My hip alter-ego apparently. Features include: longer, unkempt hair; 90's products t-shirts; skinny jeans; sunglasses; an air of superiority. Expected launch in Q2 2011. Price and carriers TBA.

Ytown says:

Josh Topolsky

shingi_70 says:

Huh guess im a hipster. I listen to indie bands study in the arts and im transfering to nyu next year. Also to the eariker post ironicly enough nymag is well known to hipsters.

Suntan says:

Technically, this is “time lapse,” which is substantially less demanding to record than “slow motion” from a camera-capability persective.

All the same, not a bad day out if you’re a group of somebodies with *absolutely nothing* meaningful to do with a day of your life.