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We've learned much about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 over the past week, and now we're seeing further indications of what plans Samsung might have for its Galaxy Tab line. Samsung fansite SamMobile, which broke some of the Note 8.0 news a few days ago, now says that Samsung plans to launch new Galaxy Tabs this year, but only 10.1-inch versions are on the cards at the moment. The "Tab 3 7.0," it reports, has been mothballed in favor of the stylus-toting Galaxy Note 8.0. Depending on sales of the Note 8.0, SamMobile's source says, an 8.0-inch Tab 3 may be offered at some point in the future.

In addition, the site claims that 4G LTE versions of the Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note 8.0 are planned, with the model numbers GT-P5220 and GT-N5120 respectively. (That's in addition to the 3G/HSPA GT-N5100 and the Wifi-only GT-N5110.)

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is widely reported to pack the same quad-core Exynos 4 CPU that's in the Galaxy Note 2. Current versions of this chip don't support LTE connectivity, so if an LTE Note 8.0 were indeed planned, Samsung would need to include separate LTE radio hardware in the device, as it did with the Galaxy Note 2 LTE. That additional hardware cost means a 4G-equipped Note 8.0 might be somewhat more expensive than its 3G and Wifi-only brethren.

In other Note 8.0 news, the Wifi-only GT-N5110 made an appearance at the FCC yesterday, with official sketches of the back of the device showing something very similar to the tablet seen in recent spy shots.

In previous years Samsung has used Mobile World Congress to unveil its new tablets, and we're expecting to see all this stuff at this year's show in late February. Naturally, we'll be live in Barcelona next month to bring you all the news from the show.

Source: SamMobile


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Report: Galaxy Tab 3 initially coming in 10.1-inch version, Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE planned


I personally don't see the point in Samsung releasing a Note 8.0 and a Tab 3 8.0: the stylus would be the only difference.

I will say that I'm actually looking forward to the Note 8.0, especially if it comes with (highly doubtful) phone capabilities (in the US).

Price could be the point if it pans out. The Note would have the Wacom technology. A tab without it could be sold a bit cheaper.

Phone capabilities on an 8" tablet would just be silly. I'm not sure I'd want to lug around an 8" tab literally everywhere I go. However if this came with high end specs, I might consider one, for the S-Pen.

8" with pen would be awesome. Just wish it were a little higher resolution, especially with 1080p phones becoming common. Hopefully Samsung going to catch up on resolution and offer a Nexus 10 equivalent with pen and maybe some other high res tablets. Wish we could get a Nexus with pen; the hooks are there in Android.

Now that you mention it, lugging around an 8 inch tablet would seem a tad bit cumbersome. Still, to have the option of using it as a phone would be cool.

isn't the ipad mini 7.9" which is closer to 8" than 7"...I may be imagining things..but I can't wait to see someone putting one of these next to their head and call someone.

I wonder why Samsung, if these rumors are true, is avoiding the 7" form factor? Maybe they've figured that the Nexus 7 has already captured that market and are instead opting to go for Apple.

Bingo. Samsung probably thinks that it's easier to compete with the iPad Mini than the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7, although hugely marketing the pure Android experience, competes largely on price. Whereas, the iPad Mini competes on portability and the "it just works" vernacular. It's probably easier to compete with the iPad Mini on feature-set than the Nexus 7 on price.

Also, if rumors pan out to be true regarding a 6.3 inch (or similar sized) Galaxy Note 3, then it would make little sense to release a tablet a little more than half an inch bigger. One would surely cannibalize sales of the other.

I believe my Note 2 has an exynos that does LTE. No separate radio. Looking forward to checking out the Note 8.0. Not too thrilled about the home button but will check it out.