Galaxy S4 contest

Now we know exactly what's coming in the Samsung Galaxy S4, there's still time to enter our World's First Galaxy S4 Contest to win a handset of your own as soon as it's released.

How do you enter? Simply post a comment on the original contest news post (not this one!). That's it -- do that and you're automatically entered. But we'll be closing the contest soon, so get in your post while you still can. We'll be closing the contest at 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, March 17th, and we'll announce a winner the following day.

When you're done, you'll find plenty of friendly Galaxy S4 discussion over in our GS4 forum. Good luck to everyone who enters!


Reader comments

Reminder: Still time to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 in our 'World's First' contest!


Ohh i would love to see the expression on my wife face when i finally throw her flipflop phone to the garbage and show her the future!!! Please please her phone is so out of date that makes the evo the best phone on earth

i really want it my wife has the sam s3 but can i get the 64gb sam s4 that would be great andriod guy all day

Posted through my phon.. guess I was just to eager so I pressed send numerous time.. :-D
Sorry for that...

I've got a S3 and probably won't switch to the S4 if I win (modded and works just fine for my work purposes). But I know my wife would like it!

I have never had a Samsung.. Would be nice to try one out... I am hearing too many good things about them...

I havent had a new phone since I purchased the GS11 a few years ago and too damned broke to upgrade, ah the never ending recession, I beg you kind Sirs look on my sad begging letter kindly.

Please give me a verizon galaxy s4. I don't have an upgrade available until December, but i need a new phone.

the next best thing? 8 cores? 13mp camera? 5" pentile 1080p? and enough bundled samsung software to make your ears bleed? 2600 battery? would be worth a win, but not worthy of a purchase. These are nice things, but none of these really matter.

I hope the camera will take from Pureview Phase 1, I hope they copycat that technology or even purchase the tech to use for this sensor to pump out really good 4.3MP shots.

The tilt feature for scrolling is the gimmicky, never worked well regardless of implementation, not everyone reads 90deg perependicular to the book, normally it's angled 15-30 deg, so it would autoscroll incessantly.

Eye tracking is gimmicky, more Android phone-philes would probably get the phone just to root it...

I'd review it, but rather have an ok phone with an awesome camera that's pocketable. will wait for someone to review before making a decision.

I love S4 because its pawered by android so that S4 becomes the top and inshallah i win with you one new S4 ^______^ maybe one day i can work with android team o.O

I want this phone!!!! I've been on the edge of my seat ever since the announcement of the Unpacked event. I made a mistake last year by choosing HTC One S out of haste rather than waiting for a better phone in the Galaxy S3. I wont make the same mistake again. Galaxy S4>HTC One.

I hope the US version will get the 1.6GHz Octa-Core processor instead of the snapdragon 600....because snapdragon processor on Samsung phone turns to lag....but i likely doubt it...I really love the phone.

I just got my galaxy 3 avoid a month ago and it's truly amazing and I look forward to seeing how the 4 lives up to the 3

Typing this on a s3, and having to use my thumb to scroll up wot a pain, now eye ball control would be cool, and now for the suck up bit, great podcast and site guys, keep up the great work :-D

I would like to learn how to code for android devices, and I think that the S4 would be a marvelous foray into the world of Android development.

Yes, it is really past time to upgrade my old Samsung Galaxy S EPIC. It has been a good work horse, but is now getting a little "long of tooth".

Being a die hard long time samsung owner I would love to win this phone. Plus would love to flaunt it in front of all the iphone users in my life of which there are many.

Please allow me to take the SGS4 off your hands... I'm told playing with it for too long may cause repetitive stress injuries.... And you wouldn't want that now would you?

Ohh well may be I'd have better luck this time :)

Would be so cool to show it off to my friends.. I'm in !!

I never had a flagship smartphone (in my life), so this would be my first. And I'd really use this everyday (it has every feature I could think of). Count me in ;)

My dad's Nexus One just died after a fall (My first gift to him). I gave him my old HTC Magic and it died too (already had water damage). Now I have to buy him a new phone or give him my HTC Amaze.

It would really help if I am chosen for the give away.

The S4 ROCKS!!! I would show this phone off to everyone I see. The specs and features captured my full attention during the full release.

Please pick me. Would love to share with my students. Part of Technology Integration. Will even include the lessons with it's use.

Wonderful opportunity to get our hands on the s4 someone gonna get lucky fingers crossed lets hope for the best !!!

Samsung Galaxy s4.... Actually I don't know what to say to make u choose me. All I know is I really want the phone. I hope you understand.

I have never owned a smartphone because I can't afford it. I wish to have my first smartphone and I want it to be the best, pls help me!

Just when I was lookin at going back to an iPhone, this gem shows up! I would certainly love to have one when it's released!

Have an iPhone 3Gs and was hesitant to buy a new Apple product, bu now that this gem has shown up, I definitely know what I am going to be getting. Would be awesome if I won this! Galaxy's amazing phone, that have good specification and samsung is the best...i dont have phone like samsung galaxy 4 so i'm very want it...

Hey, I'm the last one.. :P But seriously this S4 thing is not just a phone but a standard for other phones to meet it. S4 = Super 4 for Galaxy series. If I dont win, I'll buy it. :)

oh my god this phones gives you the chills.
a frigin 8 core processor.
and the list of features just goes on.
simply want it.

im running out of words here.
i swear i'll roam around the colony with a banner advertising and showcasing this phone if i win it.

If you could help me get rid of this iPhone 3GS (Yeah, that's right I said it) from my girlfriend, that would be great thanks. I don't think they understand exactly how powerful Android is!

Wife is on a Win7 phone... Want to win this so I can have the S4 and she can upgrade to my "Low-Mileage" S3...

Realistically though - she'd likely get the S4, like she got my Land Rover and I ended up with the Volvo Station Wagon. (rectified now, but it was traumatic...)

When I saw this I start crying as I cannot afford this people donate us there used stuff such as this phone I'm using right now I would like to gift this to my son who is 31years old and does not have a phone thankyou I hope you understand my pain as many people don't

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I am taken by surprise with the things a android offers it being a smart phone says a lot about it this phone is highly intelligent and has a new surprise for you everyday,the apps are amazing and I'd honestly say I'd spend most of my day going through new things it has to offer I'm speaking from what I've seen on the note 2 a samsung brand,I've never owned one but would love to have a samsung galaxy s4 please big fan I wish every person in the world could own a samsung to me they number 1