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Just a friendly reminder that you have about one week left to get in on our BBM4ALL Video Contest. The kids at CrackBerry have cranked out some great videos, but if you do one of your own thats even bigger and better, you can win a brand new Galaxy S4 or a trip to Toronto. Check out all the details below.

The Details

Your video should be no longer than one minute and needs to show at least one of the following:

  • Creative way to tell your friends to get BBM
  • Show some of the key differentiators of BBM vs. WhatsApp or other IM clients as reasons why to download BBM
  • Show fun/creative ways to share your PIN with your friends

Other than that there are no constraints, so go nuts. We'll be looking at how well you get the message across, how good your video looks and how much awesome it's packing. 

At the end of the entry period we'll be picking the one video that we think is the best of them all.

Grand Prize

One grand prize winner will receive a BBM prize pack that includes:

  • Round trip for two (2) to Toronto to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs OR Toronto Raptors game
  • A visit to BlackBerry HQ at Waterloo to meet the BBM team
  • A guided tour of the city with BlackBerry's Alex Kinsella


  • A new Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Enter

Create your video and then send us a link to the file (Dropbox, Box, etc)  so we can download it. Submit your entries to bbmcontest(at) before November 30th at midnight PT. One entry per person.

The competition will be tough as we're running this one on iMore and CrackBerry as well, so keep that in mind as we'll only be picking one grand prize winner. 


Reader comments

Reminder: Last chance to enter our BBM4ALL VIdeo Contest for a chance to win a Galaxy S4 or a trip to Toronto!


With the exception that I don't have to give out my phone number, read /delivered notification, and privacy....

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The phone number thing is actually what made WhatsApp so popular as you don't have to meddle with pesky PINs. And you're kidding, right? Read/Delivered/Sent notifications is what made BBM popular in the first place!! WhatsApp does NOT provide Read notifications (I might be wrong, but I remember that being a patent for BBM or something like that), only sent and received. As for Online status, the Android app still has that setting missing, but for iOS WhatsApp does provide a way for you to turn that off and not show your contacts when you're Online.

I'm sorry, and I know this is a promoted post/contest, but I can't lie even if it's to win a phone. BBM is NOT the best messenger app out there. Nostalgia for a dying company that once ruled the Smartphone aside, they need to step up their game, even in terms of UI it's still looking dated and ugly.

Truth. And Hangouts blows it away. Where's my multi-device login and sync? Where's the desktop interface? Where is tablet support? BBM was a leader once, now it's playing catch up and it has a long way to go.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

It supports the iPad, now. Still, no Android tablet support or desktop client.

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I know you can sideload it, but that doesn't make it officially available.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

No offense, but I find it hilarious, that privacy is always thrown around as a "must-have" messenger feature.

Are you using a secure messenger to:

Tell your wife to get condoms from the store?

Tell your friends that Hunger Games is showing at 530 PM?

Send a smiley face to the cute girl that works in the Accounting department?

Seriously, I want an example of when BBM's secure element is needed. So far, it seems like BBM supporters are grasping for straws, in regards to creating a relevant argument in support of secure messaging.

As I said in a previous reply, if what you need to communicate to a person is that important and private, then you should be communicating that content face-to-face, cutting out any kind of transmission medium.

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Not only is it silly, but since BB has given the Indian government carte blanche access to all their data, it's also a complete and total myth (and you can bet that other governments have information swapping agreements with India to get that information when they want it as well).

Look, rioters and terrorists need phones too - don't be so discriminatory in your generalisations ;)

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Yeah they should definitely throw in a chance to meet Rob Ford and give you the choice of S4, Z30 or 5s.

But really they need to get the Android and iOS versions up to the same standard as the BB10 version. There's a lot of features missing.

It's going to be hard to make a BBM4ALL video when all the versions are different and missing a number of features.

Anyway good luck to the winner

Came in here just to see if Brendilon was still bashing every article that deals with BBM. Glad to see he didn't let me down.

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Who me? I didn't do any bashing... in this thread. There was no need, the BB fanbois didn't show up with their Z10s and Playbooks talking about how no other messaging app can possibly match the might that is BBM. BB makes some solid products (great hardware), they also happen to have some serious holes (like the OS). BB fanbois on the other hand, need al the kicking they can take (and then some).