Android CentralIf you fancy picking up the Samsung Galaxy S3 SIM-free but want to stand out from the crowd why not consider the garnet red variant? Expansys has the red model in stock, along with the more standard pebble blue version. And it comes with a fairly tempting price tag, too, at £429.99 -- over £100 cheaper than the launch day price.

Getting a top of the range smartphone can be pretty cheap on a contract, but most UK networks want us on a 24 month deal. While this may suit many, Android followers are more than aware that the life span of a 'top of the range' device is pretty short.

The Galaxy S3, as we all, know has fantastic specs, a beautiful large display and with Samsung's continued marketing I can see the device continuing to sell well for some time to come. UK readers -- did you see the Samsung product placement on the X Factor this weekend?

Source: Expansys

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Torisen1 says:

That picture looks nice, looks more burgundy than other shots I've seen.

As soon as Samsung stops using cheap plastic, then I might get one.

Noureddine01 says:

check this site out you will love it for android apps and games

veii says:

Then £374 is a very good price, especially with free delivery.

veii says:

Can't believe they keep falling for expansys overpriced "deals" . Or are they advertising partners?