Otterbox launches tough cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

The venerable OtterBox folks are showing off their Samsung Galaxy S5 cases just ahead of the launch this Friday. The heavy-duty Defender Series and hybrid Commuter series are available right now, and the colorful Symmetry Series and a wallet variant for the Commuter Series is on the way. There’s no pricing information with the announcement, but the Commuter Series usually starts at $35, and the Defender Series goes as high as $60.

We don’t have these cases in stock at our amazing ShopAndroid store just yet, but you’ll be able to find them on our Samsung Galaxy S5 ShopAndroid page, along with a bunch of other handy accessories. Who for sure is getting an S5 this Friday? How do you plan on kitting out your device?

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Otterbox launches tough cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5


These things are too bulky and over priced. The phone is water and dust proof. I'm gonna get a slim case and screen protector and call it a day.

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I agree.I have one for my s3 and it protects my phone just as good as the higher priced one (forgot the name) without all the extra bulk.

I think ur missing the point. The case is not for water or dust.. Its so u can drop it down some concrete steps and watch it skid across the floor without a doubt in ur mind that its gonna be ok when u go to pic it up.. I have a commuter case on my s3.. Its beat up really badly.. Large scratches.. Road rash.. Gouges in the plastic but the phone is perfect.. The slim cases dont do nearly anything to protect against a drop. I will admit i hated it at first and i get shocked when i take my phone out the case and realize how small it really is.. But each time i drop it i remember why i got it..

The S5 is not water and dust proof, It is water and dust resistant. The difference being that if you toss it into a sink full of water over night it will fry, but a brief splash or plunge probably won't kill it.
The Otterbox brand will protect from some of the harshest abuse. I have a friend that dropped his out of a moving truck and the phone came out fine with just some minor scuffing on the case.

Agreed. Already ordered a Spigen from Amazon for half the price of the Otterbox. And, if this Otterbox is as hard to put on and take off as the one for my S3 was, I'll pass.

Those cases are so ugly... Why bother spoiling the look and feel of a phone.

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Because some of us that use the phone as a PHONE don't give a crap what it looks like, we care how it performs and to protect it so we don't have to spend 600 to replace it. I don't give 2 craps what my phone looks like with a case on it, as long as the case protects my phone. Also when I upgrade and sell my phone it's like new. Not a scratch on it as it's been in the Otterbox from day one.

I got an Otterbox Defender for my HTC One even though I use my phone caseless most of the time. This case is for those times you'll be in harsher than normal day to day activities. As an added bonus the newer models are much more sleek than previous generations and don't look half as bad as they used to.

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It's quite comical, the same people that go on about how OtterBox is bulky and not pretty. Are the same people that come on the forums and whine that they dropped their phone and the screen cracked or something else doesn't work.
I will take bulky for protection for $40.00 over some piece of rubber crap that makes my phone look pretty that will cost me a new phone when I drop it.
Also OtterBox has an amazing warranty, and great customer service.

I wouldn't buy anything else but Otterbox, yes it is bulkier but my Note 3 still fits into my pocket.....

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Don’t waist your money or time on the OtterBox Defender, it won’t protect your phone. I have the OtterBox Defender on my Galaxy S5 and while taking it out of my pocket, I dropped it onto a concrete floor, when I picked it up the screen was shattered, this fall was from 3 foot at the most since I'm only 6 foot tall, so if I had to do it all over again I would not waist my money on the OtterBox Defender or the Galaxy S5 phone for it really is junk. I plan on telling anyone that will listen, not to waist their money on a OtterBox Defender if they have a Galaxy S5 phone and if they are thinking about buying a Galaxy S5, I will tell them not to, it is junk and I’m so disappointed in the poor quality of the phone. DON’T BUY A GALAXY S5 OR A OTTERBOX DEFENDER!!!!!!!!!