Attention citizens of Earth: Here is your Nexus 4 unboxing. Yes. From me. The guy who hates unboxings. But for the Nexus 4? What the hell. We'll unbox it.

So here's the Nexus 4 box. And here's us pulling the Nexus 4 out of its box. It is no longer in the box. It is unboxed. It is a Nexus 4, without a box. What's in the box? Stuff. 

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S_C_B says:

Stupid work blocking YouTube videos, so I can't watch it. Wait! I have the credentials to unblock the sites. I shall abuse my power.

a22matic says:

Try https... It works for blocked sites at my job. I never use that option however. :)

S_C_B says:

https usually works for Facebook and such. With YouTube, I get to the site, but I can't watch the videos.

NexusKoolaid says:

Bah, don't bother with the video. We all know how it turns out.

What ever happened to the good old days when people just took a still shot?

someguy01234 says:

Plays fine in Opera Mobile with HTML5 format.

crowley35 says:

no headphones? Is that an LG thing?

Spork1673 says:

they normally suck anyways

moosc says:

I haven't hada set of headphones since BB days. I know Samsung does but that's because. They clone iphones

aslowe says:

I used the Samsung ones with my Galaxy Nexus. They were nice to have but I wasn't using them for everyday use. I felt like they put me in a sealed tin can with I used them. I could hear my own voice in my head.

gonzo2186 says:

The ones with my S3 were decent enough. They do block out the world, but they aren't very durable. Mine have lasted a few months and are now falling apart. Oh well

samagon says:

For being stock headphones, the gnex ear buds are not bad.

soulsurvives says:

Might just have to give one of these a try.....maybe go to t mobile

aslowe says:

Hey Phil. I'm planning on picking this up as soons as it's available. I know you've spent a lot of time with its brothers. Do you know what the accessory scene is going to look like? I can always make do with generics but I do appreciate a good brand name car dock, desktop dock etc.

chrisjcks says:

I'm getting one, the specs are crazy high for a budget pric.

I'm not sure what everyone else heard Phil say in that video but I heard that we can all come over and use his Wi-Fi.

This sounds like a great opportunity for a flash mob style visit to his house. We just need 200 people to show up to his house tomorrow morning at 8 AM all wearing Android Central T-shirts.

LadyDi says:

Man that sounds like fun. Video it if it does happen or else... it didn't happen. :-)

pirarre says:

So did he say it takes micro or regular sim?

LadyDi says:

Was there more plastic inside/outside the phone? it does have that WOW factor. Thanks for the unboxing Phil.

MBonus0716 says:

Where is the pad for wireless charging? It isn't included? If it's not, how would you charge it? Can it be charged using an ordinary cable?

KBanause says:

If you would have seen the video then you should have seen the wall charger... ;)

Of course it isn't included. You are being facetious right? This phone is already so cheap what more do you want? Honestly though, the charging pad will most likely show up later as a $40-50 accessory.

zolttt says:

This phone would be 100 times better if it wasnt so small #shitnote2ownerssay

Jonneh says:

I completely LOL'd. Thanks! :-D

TheUI says:

I want to watch this, yet - one thing I've learned from leaks is that unknowns are what keeps the buzz going, must Must experience for myself.


bullzhigh says:

considering the expected price for Nex4 in India and no Headphones???? WTF.. Headfones come as a basic accessory even for a locally made cheap phone..Common LG..this really sucks..

KBanause says:

Don't you have enough other headphone to use then?

wpavlik2 says:

HTC doesn't include any headphones anymore either.
Not after their "purple phone" on Verizon with included Beats headphones.
That said, I own some nice headphones, and I'm OK with them leaving out the cheap headphones.

KBanause says:

This video even makes me even more to want it. Why do I have to wait 11 more days to be able to order it?

rserda says:

WTH... the video gets half way through.. then it stops with "This video is currently unavailable"...?!?!?

moosc says:

After hearing thata member from the verge already cracked his nexus review units back from a drop. Makes me Leary of a Glass backed phone. Guess they didn't learn from apple.

S_C_B says:

Does anybody really expect a phone to not be damaged from a fall, and if it's made of glass not break? I know I surely don't have that expectation.

hmmm says:

A friend of mine has a nexus one that flew through a parking lot and works fine. Only has a few battle scars on the metal case.

There's any easy fix for that...don't drop it.

bassdelux15 says:

Definitely picking this for the holidays

skatopias#AC says:

It is big it is black it is beautiful! ha

Wow, from what I hear this thing has piss poor battery life. No thanks!!

Don't pass judgment until it is released and in the hands of the masses.

Does anyone know if this is coming in white? Don't want to buy it then have a white version come out a month later.

Erckul says:

My microsim card showed up in the mail today. Now I wait to place my order on the 13th

Gekko says:

nice job.

mwara244 says:

Seriously, adobe needs to bring back mobile flash to android os. Why they discontinued it with no other viable alternative is beyond me.