Nexus 4 Android 4.3 Nexus 4 Android 4.3

Could these be some of the subtle changes to be found in Android 4.3?

Although we didn't get a big reveal of the next version of Android at Google I/O, some evidence is mounting that Android 4.3 could be the impending next version. According to pictures posted by a user at XDA, at a mobile expo in Thailand at least one Nexus 4 is being put on display running a purported build of Android 4.3 (JWR45B). Now we've seen plenty of faked "About phone" screens in our days, and that is a very real possibility in any of these types of leaks. But as the user poked around the phone to show a revamped camera UI, we tend to give this more credibility. The UI basically looks to be an expansion of the current long-press and swipe gestures found in Android 4.2, with multiple levels of settings that can be accessed -- thankfully none of which can be hidden by your thumb anymore.

Aside from the slightly different numbering and a visual refresh of the camera, we're very light on details for this potentially upcoming release. Hang around after the break for a video of the device in action, with most of the time spent on the new camera UI.

Source: XDA; (2)

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JeffDenver says:

Like the new UI. My only complaint with the current UI is that some menu options are behind my finger. New UI is awesome. I wish every camera was like that.

Ryandroid86 says:

The crazy thing... its has a build date of the 14th.... one day before google I/O....

Floss82 says:

Can't wait for it or at least the system dump :)

ridie1389 says:

My best guess is that Google didn't say anything because it could still be in alpha. But maybe somebody in Thailand didn't get the memo?

What's hard for me to believe is that the people setting up the booth just didn't even notice. Could it be intentional?

Just wanna inform that Sales Staffs never give any attention to Android phone. They just wanna sale thing even sometimes they do not know what NEXUS is.

Gearu says:

Hideous camera UI.


Oh, just wait until the system dump is released. Devs would flock to retrieve the dump and develop ROMs for us! :D

arturodelac says:

I think its horrible

I actually like the new UI for the camera, no joke it is a hassle to just swipe and see how a picture came out, but instead you go into exposure setting or switch cameras front/rear.

Very interesting stuff.

TheDu9du says:

Is it also white on the back?

Ohleo says:

Looks different.....................................................................................................

impu153 says:

Okay, I gotta say, that doesn't look fake at all. That looks very real, but is the camera UI the only thing that changed??

For those, who have not not realized yet: There actually WAS a Nexus 4 with the new Android OS at Google IO 13. They showed some features of the "virtual future release" on a real phone. It was from the guys, which had the "For butter or worse" talk last year.

Has anyone realized that, expect of me?? I thought somebody would stand up and try to get the phone....

mathiasjk says:

Remember what the session was called?

heat3610 says:

What's the name of that session if you remember?

heat3610 says:

Oh never mind I think it was the graphics session, the one with chet hassle and Romain Guy