Hey, look at that. There's the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet, also sporting Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The tablet's rocking a 10-inch 2560x1600 PLS display, as rumored, and is due to launch on Nov. 13 in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan. A 16GB Nexus 10 is yours for $399; 32GB for $499.

Google says it's going to be the ultimate tablet for watching movies or reading magazines, with 9 hours of video playback or 500 hours of standby on a single charge. And with the user-switching features of Android 4.2, the company says it's a truly shareable tablet.

The Nexus 10 weighs in at 603 grams, and measuring just 8.9mm thick, with a curved, metallic textured back and front-facing stereo speakers. The tablet's powered by Samsung's Exynos 4 SoC, which incorporates a beastly Mali 604 GPU

With all the new stuff coming in Android 4.2, and the new Google Play services launching in the weeks ahead, it's an exciting time in the world of Android.


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Nexus 10 is official - coming Nov. 13, starting at $399


Darn, I was hoping prices for the Nexus 10 would be $299 at most for the 16GB. $199 would have been mindblowing. $399 doesn't make it a must-buy.

That is true it isnt a complete must buy. But you cant deny that it's the best tablet on the market now, especially for its price ($100 cheaper then the iPad, which has lesser specs). I probably wont buy one (since i have a nexus 7 16 gb there isnt much reason to get both).

correction. $100 cheaper. Nexus 10 doesnt have 3G/4G so you should compare the wifi only 16gb iPad to this tablet. $100 cheaper is still significant given the better specs of the Android devices

$399 would make it one for me...if the 32GB HSPA+ Nexus 7 wasn't available for $299. I prefer the smaller, more portable form factor. I would totally buy the 32GB version for $499 and lord it over folks who paid that same price for 16GB iPads. That screen, that processor, latest Android version, Google-direct updates, my whole library of previously purchased apps available....yep, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

What sucks is that there is no SD card and they charging an extra $100 for a measly additional 16GB. And that extra 16GB costs them maybe $4. They should have just had a single 32GB model at $400.

And no 64GB model.

Agreed.. That $100/+16GB is a hard pill to swallow, but I'm still definitely going to be picking one up.. Just can't decide if I really want that extra 16GB for $100..maybe if $100 more was getting you 64GB that'd be another story.

Pricing is great at $100 less then iPad. Just hope the screen is as nice as iPad. The Samsung phones don't look as nice as apples stuff . I like my s3 but would be in love if the Screen was like iPhone or the one x

Considering the resolution is even higher than the so-called "Retina Display" and that it isn't AMOLED, the display will look even better than the iPad's.

Seems odd that they are using the phone UI on the Nexus 10. Wonder if it's switchable in the settings? If not I'm sure it will be with aftermarket ROMs in no time...

They're moving away from Honeycomb style UI and are trying to make a more consistent phone/tablet hybrid UI. At least on the Nexus devices anyway... It's a big win for gaming, it's so easy to accidentally hit the back button during a game on the old style tablet UI

I actually *really* like the Honeycomb style UI on a tablet. It seems to make so much more sense in that form factor. Even if they moved the software buttons to the right a half-inch or so to help prevent the "accidental back button push" (although I can't recall that ever happening to me) I would rather have that layout than this. I'm still considering picking up the tablet, though, cause I know even if there's no "setting" this is Pure Android and it can be corrected :)

I'm to hard up for the Galaxy Note 2 on Tmobile that will be mines in the next 17days. That Samsung Nexus 10 gots me thinking too. It's always great to see future hardware come out that will be in the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 for 2013..

Google I am dissapoint. You're pulling the same crap apple does when it comes to charging outrageous prices for extra storage. $100 extra for an extra 16gb of storage space? Don't think so. I already felt like I was screwed for paying any extra $50 for 8gb more storage on my N7, and now you come out with a 32gb version for the same price? Fuck me.....

I think it's fair enough. With the Nexus 7, they were making so little profit (maybe even a loss) with the 8GB model that they had to charge more for the 16GB to make it more worthwhile.

Correct. I watched that video and he did state that. One of the leaks from a few weeks ago even said that this tablet was running the 5250. I *believe* this is the same chip that Samsung is using the new ChromeBooks as well.

I know it wouldn't happen, but if Samsung/google threw in S-pen support, I would sell my Note 10.1 right this f'ing minute. $399 for a 10" tab w/ a higher resolution than the retina display sounds like a steal to me, considering they can't really make up the cost like Amazon in content sales (google play is still in its infancy compared to Amazon). And if I wasn't on contract w/ AT&T, I'd spring for the Nexus 4 and get the cheapo Walmart /T-Mobile plan or StraightTalk. It'd be nice if carrier versions w/ LTE came out, but there's no way they can make one device to work on everyone's frequencies.

Feeling kinda burned cause I got an 8gb for the same price as the 16gb is now. Id like a 32gb but no sd card support really hurts.

Maybe ill wait a couple months and hope they come out with a 64gb for the same price as the 32gb is now

Definitely return it and replace with this -- the only compelling advantage that the TF700 has is the laptop-style dock, and then again that's only if you're willing to pony the extra $$.

Does anyone know if Android really benefits from the extra 2 cores on the Tegra 3? Does seem all 4 cores are all humming along most of the time.

When I use a CPU meter all 4 cores are doing work at various times. No different than if you were looking at a desktop 4 core meter. If opening multiple browser tabs definitely. SO I don't see why not.

The idea behind the 4 cores on the Tegra is to divide the work out between them so that they can cycle back down more quickly. With the ARM architecture and the dynamic voltage scaling, the CPU draws more juice to run at higher frequencies. Therefore, 2 cores running at 850mhz for 5 seconds draws more power than 4 cores running at 600mhz for 2.

The CPU controller is *intentionally* firing up the extra cores as often as possible when there's load being placed on the CPU so that it can finish the work and let the cores go back to "sleep" more quickly.

Hmm ... Since I have the Nexus 7, I haven't been really using my 10.1 very much. I don't think it has anything to do with the OS or the screen, it's just that the 7" seems to fit my life a little better (no pun intended). It's tempting, though ...

Oh c'mon!!! No mobile data option on the Nexus 10!!??!?! Why?!? I can't live with only wifi - I am very very sorry Google, but I travel to places where there is no wifi network. I need mobile connectivity and for that reason I need a phone with HSPA+ or 3G! Google, you do realize that if I want a 10-inch tablet, I'm stuck with the iPad. Seriously, surely you should have Android/Nexus versions for everyone. I see that you don't want to put in LTE but why not 3G the same way you've added it to the Nexus 7!


Um... totally *not* stuck with the iPad. That's the beauty of Android: there are many different models out there, and several of them do have 3G/LTE connectivity. We might see some Nexus 10's eventually with cellular options, but you have to remember that every carrier's LTE uses different frequencies so there is no such thing as a "universal" LTE radio.

Would love to have an SD slot, looks like their following Apple and charging more for extra storage. I wonder if Apple can sue over that?

Eh, $100 price increase for only 16 GB of space is too much. If the $500 version was 64 GB, then maybe I'd go for it. Otherwise, I can wait on a price drop.

Square Card Reader compatibility. This is critical. So far, the Nexus tablets and most Android Tablets won't work with it. My Evo 4G LTE does fortunately. This is a fast growing need.

I'll be buying one, but, I am a little disappointed in the fact they are charging $100 more for the 32gb version. I believe they should have charged $399 for the 32gb version, of at the very least $449. Memory is so inexpensive now-a-days. I will be good to go for a long time now. I have the 16gb Nexus 7 and will get the Nexus 10, so I will be a very happy person.

Just throwing it out there. Isn't it ab Exynos 5 with a Mali T604 gpu instead of an Exynos 4 with a Mali 604... Or am I mistaken?

this r scary times.. each compnies are out for our money.. one product after other is being launched.. so many new categories have been launched.. smart phone, phablet, tablet, tablet mini.. things sometimes u dont need.. things which u buy n get out dated within 6 months.. i mean this a mad war between google n apple to prove who is better than other.. i know the end result will be good for the consumers when u have so much variety to choose from. but if i m buyin something i dont want it to b out dated in 6 months or so. if this continues soon or later ppl will get fed up b'coz every month or week each company will launch something new n out class the other n we will feel we missed out on something.

These are the feelings of the "Real Housewife's" types of boys and girls, who are often grown men and women of the world, unfortunately. I'd like to think that hasn't become the majority. Although it's safe to say many of these peole buy iphone's partially do to only having 1 cool new phone per year. Insecure? Buy what you need, or want and can afford. Technology has been and will continue to advance whether you like it or not. Personally, I don't see what's not to like.

come on m not sayin its bad.. i said its good for consumers. all m sayin is wat u buy today will b out dated 2morrow n thus u will feel like spendin somethin that u already. if u r too jack ass to understand wat my concern is better not to reply back.

The Nexus 10 will be my first tablet, so can you let me know if the enable tablet UI is something that can be changed in the settings (of course in the 4.1 JB)? Just curious...

Well all the way till now (uncomfirmed for android 4.2) you could enable tablet ui through modifying the build.prop and some Roms even has it in the settings google it and u will see exactly what I'm talking about

Is it me or is the Nexus 10 just a little ugly? I’m not Apple fan at all, just to put it out there. I saw many pictures of the Nexus 10 and it looks somewhat bulky and lacks some silky comestic device. Maybe it’s just me. The specs are great, but the beauty is a little sub-par.