Samsung releases official videos showcasing Galaxy Note 4, Gear Live S

Just after it unveiled new products in Berlin at the IFA trade show, Samsung has now released official videos showcasing its latest products. In two videos uploaded to YouTube, Samsung is showing off the new features in the Galaxy Note 4 and the Gear Live S.

What do you think of the videos and the new products? Are you inspired to get one when they become available for sale?

Also, be sure to check out our hands-on of the Gear S and the Galaxy Note 4 from Android Central's IFA team.


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New Samsung videos show off Galaxy Note 4, Gear Live S features


I think the gear live s does to much. I have g watch and I hope android wear does not go this far with their software, like talking on the watch. That's my 2 cents, now back to your schedule program

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And they the simpletons who slurp Android Wear think TIZEN doesn't matter JOKE'S on them.

What more needs to be said today. The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge arrives and destroys any and all in it's path not to mention the Gear S.

Shut down all other events for the rest of the week. We won't even discuss the Gear VR nothing else will come close to that for a long while.

It's pretty plain and definitely simply nothing else matters period.

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Yarell response: Personal attack followed by YOU ARE WRONG. :copy paste: :copy paste:


For someone who swears up and down that Samsung is Android you sure are slurping on Tizen's junk alot. Looks like someone just jumped ship from Android to Tizen. You should really stop sucking up DJ/Gregory Lee (Samsung USA CEO) already. You're posts are uneducated and have no sound opinions but rather just lashing at others for no good reason.

I don't think that's unreasonable. Think of a Swiss army knife. It does all sorts of stuff, but doesn't do anything particularly well. When you try to build too many features in to a device, you run the risk of doing this.

A watch that acts as a standalone phone? Great for those who want it. But if the 3g radio impacts battery life to the point where it has to be recharged halfway through the day, it's functionality as a watch suffers. And the fact that it's small enough to be a watch means that texting will be unpleasant.

1. Batterylife will continue to improve with each generation, just like smartphones.
2. If you have a feature, nobody forced you to use this. If you don't need to type, don't type. Just having the option for a few emergency situations isn't bad.
3. It's more of a technological marvel than a piece of art. It has everything the iPhone 3G had and a few more - all in your wrist. By next 2 gen, I am sure Samsung will take it a notch higher and beyond dependency of any smartphone.

I don't know. The new smart watch is growing on me. With the size of my note phone it would be nice to have a device to take care of the minimum while I leave my phone somewhere secure. I wonder what kind of plans will apply to this considering there is no lte on it?

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That is a very good question is a 3G plan cheaper than a 4G LTE plan? would carriers subsidize the watch?
or offer a bundle deal? I would Expect Verizon to rip one off the most and t-moble to offer the best deal...

Will the Note 4 have Nokia Here maps? Or will that be forced on users later?

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Everything said today was "We working in close partnership with Google" did this and that.

Those rumors just will not die. Hell Google incorporated KNOX from Samsung, Samsung is incorporating parts of L into TW (early).

Yeah speculation is just that, and there is more evidence to the contrary.

I see. So all the Samsung bloatware on my S4 I can't remove is just imaginary? I have Google Maps and Locus Pro. I don't need another mapping app from Samsung, especially one I can't remove entirely.

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The Gear S is so huge on a woman's wrist. I think it goes just a bit too far. The look of Tizen is just kind of blah to me.

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Yeah, they're really going to struggle to find a way to shrink these watches to fit women (and my fellow bird-wristed men) without sacrificing functionality. Most of these watches so far are a little too large for the average woman/smaller man, but shrinking the device would restrict the information you can display legibly.

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Saw the Note ad! =( If only my Lumia 1520 had all those pen and multitasking features. Apart from those, it's not that impressive when it comes to hardware.

Actually, I prefer the design, the bigger screen, the camera and Windows Phone. The components are obviously newer since the 1520 is a year old now, and even then, there isn't such a huge difference. What I would like for a newer device (like the 1530) is stylus support, multi-window and the rest of those multi-tasking features. There's no doubt the Note 4 is the king of multitasking right now.

actually I think Blackberry (even though they don't have the gimmicks like multiwindow) are the true multitasking kings ATM.. i may be wrong... but it seems the ability for an app to CRASH (i.e force close) and have the phone still usable while the kill command is executed on the app crashing is pretty cool thing on BB10... when an app FC's on my android devices i have no option but to wait till it finishes.. mind you that time is not too long...the odd time it is laggy as poop after u close the dialogue for the FC..

The Note 4 in white is my new phone and maybe the new watch/phone in black would make one hell of a 1-2 punch. Note 4 really is a beast of a device, only thing I wish they added was more int memory and i'm hoping the sd-card slot reads more than 64gb, just purchased a 128gb class 10 card.

I love the dramatic portrayals of modern "alpha women" who are just so busy and running a million miles an hour, doing it all. Exhale. This device makes their highly engaged life ~so much easier~!

I don't know, it's like the modernized image of a woman. Doing everything, all the time, kids, work, social, working out, MADNESS! I digress.

Tizen? Lol, no.

I think you need to stop thinking so hard about a product video >_>

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Haha, I'm not, rather it's not just this single one. Every commercial these days focuses on the "do it all mom" running around with laundry, a phone at her shoulder, kids screaming, dinner on the stove. All after a 12 hr work day. Alpha female, as portrayed and created by advertisers. It's weird.

I'm not at all sexist before that comes up. If anything, I find the ads hilarious as does my wife. Anyhow, everyone buy this watch and phone! (Nexus for me, thx).

It's a favored cliche among advertisers, since it fits so well with the popular advertising stereotype that all men are lazy, cheating man-children.

Maybe they are trying to redeem themselves from the Galaxy S4 launch. Samsung caught he'll over that.

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The watch is a definite win! On the other hand, no ip67 certification on the Note 4 is a major letdown. I do love everything else about the "phablet" though. I'll flip a coin to decide if I should "jump" or not...

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It would be tough for them to make the Note 4 IP67 compliant because of the S Pen slot. They'd have to account for it being present and not being present while still maintaining a sealed body.

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We started with smaller phones that fulfilled this role. Samsung actually changed that with the Note. How ironic.

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Love how the guy leaves his brand new Note4 on the passenger seat of his old ass camaro...Its cool I got my watch...As someone is pulling the top of the window out and snatching that thing!

I don't know if the Note 4 is that much better than my Note 3. I need to fool around with it some and see for myself. As it stands now, I am completely happy with my Note 3. As for the watch, I'm not even remotely interested. But, I know lots of people are.

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No thanks I'm pure Android. I don't want some Samsung Tizen watch and I think Android Central should stop showing Tizen products. Let's keep this "Android" Central :)

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Can you just use the sim from your phone (I know that you have to use a galaxy phone to set it up)? I do not want to pay for another line.

The Note 4 looks nice, but the Note 3 still stands as a solid phone. With a very strong development community, this device has reached levels of performance never seen. Vision X is a perfect example of such ROMs. it will take a while before the Note 4 gets its community organized while the Note 3 is well established. So what I'm trying to say is that if you buy the Note 4, good for you; enjoy it. But those of us that are going to stick with the Note 3 won't be the least bit jealous. Because our phone rocks.

Gosh! The Note 4 really is a whole other level of smartphone computing, it really is! 5.7in is just too big though, perhaps if it was 5.5in I'd be a little more willing to give it a try. When I use my phone with Google Maps, I keep it in the cup holder in my car, I doubt the Galaxy Note 4 would fit in the cup holder.

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It's enormous, the strap is ridiculous, and I'm not at all convinced by most of the USP's (like having a conversation by taking to a watch, and the keyboard, etc).

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just think how much larger the screen could be in landscape, that being said this would only be worth purchasing if it didn't need activating by one of only 20 Samsung devices and was installed with full Android... 4.4 kitkat.

this is probably a no brainer question, but it is a deciding factor. Can you text and call on the watch over Bluetooth, without using a sim card? On the galaxy gear s