Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S5

Mophie — one of the best-known names in the battery case game — this morning dropped word that its Galaxy S5 Juice Pack will be available on Sept. 8 for $99, and you can preorder starting today. This battery weighs in at 3,000 mAh, or 107 percent of the stock GS5 battery.

There's a (rightful) argument that such a case isn't necessary for a phone like the Galaxy S5, since it has a removable battery. But for those who want a combination battery/case, it's a more-than valid option.

You can preorder here in either white or black.


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Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S5 ships Sept. 8 for $99, preorders open now


I would say their commercials bashing iPhone wall huggers would contradict this products existence aside from the minority who aren't able to charge their phone every night.

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Samsung didn't make it. I think it says... Mophie on the box, is that right? I have bad eye sight... Sorry

Also, I'm pretty sure you've never used an s5, because if you did, you would know it shames an iPhone... Now retreat to your cave

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He's saying that if the S5 had such great battery life, it shouldn't need a battery case designed for it.

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which is an invalid argument since even the greatest battery in the world will finally run out. For people that dont have access to charger this is a great option

Don't get your logic. You can always use another battery. My Note 3 battery runs circles around my iPhone. Even now I've been unplugged since before 8 this morning and been using a good bit all day. It's almost 5 and I'm at 56%. Even with that I still bought 2 anker batteries and a charger recommended on this site for $39 sale. Have not come one to using them yet. Fyi..... I have 2 mophies I can sell you for your iPhone.

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I have to say, Samsung flagship devices always have and still have the best accessory support outside of iPhones.

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Whoever buys this for their S5 is not a smart person...

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Good to have another option, too bad it took too long. The S5 battery might be the best available, but for heavy users there isn't a stock phone that can make it thru the day.

Cool product I'll need one of these when I go to CES. I don't want to have spend precious time swapping batteries or switching to USA when I can be with the latest technology.

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Its $100 for 107% EXTRA capacity. Over double the battery life and some protection on the phone. Although the battery life on the S5 is respectable, I can easily use a full charge before my day's end. I'm not saying I'd purchase the thing, but I could see it being a useful option for some.
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Ohh I gotcha. I was misunderstanding. I thought that it simply replaced the stock 2800 mah with a 3000 mah one, not that the bigger battery was in addition to the stock one.

Actually, 107%. A person would have their stock battery life plus 3000 mah from this. Still makes more sense to get the 7500mah replacement for a whole lot less.

No one in the right mind would pay $100 for this. I would purchase one of those deck of card sized external chargers with 5600 mAh battery for about $17 on eBay.double the capacity and about 4/5 of money still left in my pocket.

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I don't understand all the hate on this. Unlike a removable battery or stand-alone battery, the case is always on the phone. Smaller and a lot more convenient, especially for those who would use a case anyway.

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This is why I came to the comments... To see if anyone knew if they forced you to remove the battery door. Also, I'm pretty sure this renders the phone water-vulnerable.

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I was just looking around for an answer for this, I'm surprised no one mentioned it earlier. Also yeah, is the water resistance moot now?