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New color launches in South Korea, as sales figures suggest six percent of the country's population now own a Galaxy S3

It was leaked last week, but now it's official -- the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be launching in South Korea in a new "Martian pink" color. Currently, Samsung plans to make available just 100,000 of the pink S3s across South Korea's three main mobile operators.

On its official Korean blog, the company quoted an official as saying (roughly translated) --

"The Martian pink Galaxy S III is refined and sensuous. With its distinctive style, we expect a great response from the younger generation and women."

Samsung also notes that it's surpassed 3 million Galaxy S3 sales in its home territory, which is all the more impressive considering the country's population of just under 50 million. By our calculations, that suggests that six percent of all South Koreans now own a Galaxy S3. Internationally, sales of the phone stand at 20 million, and that's expected to rise to 30 million before the end of the year.

Samsung's accustomed to strong sales of its handsets in Korea. Back in January it emerged that some 5 million Galaxy S2 phones had been sold in the country, the equivalent of 10 percent of the population.

Samsung hasn't announced any plans to launch the new Martian pink S3 outside of South Korea, but given its track record with the pink Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note, we wouldn't be surprised to see this a Martian pink invasion of Europe taking place in a few months' time.

Source: Samsung (Korean, Translated)


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'Martian pink' Samsung Galaxy S3 is official, headed to South Korea


Unreal how these geeks are talking about the pink phone when you clearly got the most gorgeous Korean woman holding the phone with her index finger... (smh)

In portrait mobile view, you have to scroll to the right to see her face. But now that I've done so, she's mighty pretty, ain't she? I wonder if she's taken...

Showed this to my wife last week and she lit-up, now I'm going to have to break the news that it's a Korea release.
What's the word on those "other" 5 colors that were supposed to be available?

Hah. No kidding. I showed it to my wife too and she said "How can I get one sent over here?" She was all excited. I had to break it to her that we're on Sprint so unlocked gsm won't work even if they released it unlocked. Although thinking about it, Sprint has released pink Samsung Intercepts, and pink Samsung Replenishs. So maybe there is hope. At this point she's ready to settle for the red model.

Hmmm... An artist could go all Cronenberg's Videodrome on it.
Lightly paint in veins on the pink, and it could look really really really creepy.
This organic 4.7" chunk of flesh.