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The LG Lucid is finally getting upgraded to Android 4.0. Verizon will start pushing the OS upgrade to users in phases, starting tomorrow. If you’re impatient, you can trigger the download from your computer, according to Verizon.

The mid-range device sports a 4-inch screen (just WVGA resolution only, however) and is powered by a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor. Its main plus is being able to support 4G LTE, and in spite of its March 29 release date, has been stuck on Gingerbread till now.

The LG Lucid retails for $449.99 at Verizon, or $99.99 with a 2-year contract.

Source: Verizon Wireless


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LG Lucid gets ICS upgrade starting Friday


Cool! I've always been really impressed with this device. It is a lot of phone for the money.

Only problem GB had was the Facebook app didn't jive so hot and seemed to have trouble displaying pictures for a lot of my clients - where we just threw Dolphin Browser on there for them and was a working substitute.

This is a good deal. LG is so underrated.

Shop around dude ... GOT ONE AT SAM CLUB FOR $.99


Don`t ever buy phones from verizon stores unless you like PIS..ING AWAY MONEY

......I'm sorry, hold up just a second here. A friggin' "helpdesk" smartphone for beginners just received official word on ICS & launch and owners of the LG Spectrum are still in the dark?

Bravo Verizon, bravo.

Damn! My 12 yr old's phone is going to get ICS before the Revolution or the Bionic? I'm not really surprised I guess.

And I concur with another who posted above that this phone is quite the little performer.