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We first heard whispers of fresh paint jobs for some of Samsung's 2012 devices a couple of months back. Among them was the Galaxy S3 Mini. The previous rumors from SamMobile said that the new colors for Samsung's 4 inch Galaxy S3 Mini would be landing in December 2012, or early 2013. 

Of course, December has been and gone, but SamMobile is back, this time packing some press renders of the new varieties. In addition to the current white version, it looks like we'll be seeing Onyx Black, Garnet Red and Titanium Gray. All these colors are available on the regular Galaxy S3, and unlike the Galaxy Note 2, it looks like we won't be seeing this one in brown

The Galaxy S3 Mini shares the general look and feel of the Galaxy S3, but in a decidedly lower spec body. It does come with Jelly Bean out of the box though, and now at least it seems like there will be more than just plain old white to choose from. No expected date for these new versions has been mentioned at this time.

Source: SamMobile


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Leaked renders show new colors for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


Cancel it why? Cause it dont fit your need...not everyone needs the best spec also Samsung have got a winner on there hand with this phone as it in the top ten phone sales wise beating out phones like one x and just behind note 2 in the UK and I am sure with these new colors it will be even more popular with the mainstream and that's what counts they could care less if us geeks who want the top specs don't like this phone as it was never made for us :)

I think you're thinking wrong. Think like this.

GSIII Mini = One S

Get the picture?

If you like the GSIII over the One X, but would like to go smaller and cheaper.

I'm kinda shocked that Samsung hasn't released it in America yet. They would definitely corner the market with Galaxy devices:

Mini - mid range/entry level
S III - powerful smartphone
Note 2 - XL version of S III

I think that Samsung is trying to hit all sides of the market. And it seems to be working.

The Mini is an excellent "girlfriend/wife"-phone, the 1GB of RAM really makes it hum along nicely and it's great to have JB on board...basically everything that the non-tech user is likely to notice is taken care of.