If you picked up a new device as of late, you may have been stuck in that dreaded area where some applications may not have worked as soon as the device was available. It happens every now and then and developers are usually quick to go ahead and roll out an update with the support needed. Such is the case with the latest build of Fring now available in the Android Market. Aside from some bug fixes, the latest version also adds new device compatibility as well. Check out the full change log below:

  • Make free Group Video calls with up to 4 friends
  • Improved voice quality
  • Now on a bunch of new devices like: HTC Flyer, Samsung Droid charge, Nexus S (Running Android 2.3.4), Samsung Galaxy S II, LG G2X
  • Bug fixes making it stable

You can jump on past the break for a video of the four way group in action calling as well as the Android Market download link.


Reader comments

Latest Fring update adds support for Galaxy S II, Droid Charge and more


Anyone actually use these video call services? I find most unusable (mostly due to audio loops and feedback) and just generally unpolished. I tried google talk video chat from phone (evo cm7 2.3.4) to computer and it was MUCH improved audio and visual quality. When my friends do their facetime stuff it seems so much better. Like an actual skype video chat. Also - signal matters, but not that much. wi-fi seems to do it best but its not really a huge improvement.

Warning to all: these guys store your password in plaintext. I had forgot my password once and went to "reset" it, but instead the just emailed it back to me. WTF?!? is this 1997? I promptly deleted my fring account. That basic lack of security also explains all the random "friends" that I suddenly had.

@randomhero1172 I have been using fring now for a few months and it really does a great job for 1 on 1 video chatting. I have an ipad2 and fring with my Mom on her Galaxy tab and my dad on his Droid Thunderbolt. I have not run into any big issues with the software. It would be nice if it came out with an ipad specific app, because it uses the iphone version, which stinks for graphics. Using fring with the Thunderbolt can be a little choppy on 4G sometimes, especially when you are in a car.

The only real drawbacks that can get annoying is you can get a delay and hear yourself speak through your own speakers. Using the ipad2 on a 6mbps DSL line, is still get to hear myself in the background a lot, because we dont use headsets. I just tried the multiple chat yesterday with all three devices and the overall experience was nice. The only drawback is I kept getting a LOT of feedback/echo's from the other devices. I think it would be fine if we all had headsets, but if you look at their marketing you do not see anyone using them. It would be nice if they could make a software change for that.

Overall its a great way to video chat with friends and family. The cross platform is very nice, since my Droid2 has no front camera. Plus, I think this is the only video chatting software on the market that does up to 4 people for FREE and you can't beat that.