HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Here we go again, right? A leaked shot shows a date, we all get our hopes up and then they are crushed when it changes.  Well, according to an internal Verizon document the Droid Incredible 4G LTE is gearing up to be in our hands on July 5. The device was officially announced back in May, and perhaps you'll recall our hands-on with it at CTIA, and Verizon initially stated that it would be available "in the coming weeks," and, well, more than a few weeks have passed since then. Keeping it mind that the all new Verizon plans kick in starting on June 28, having the device launch shortly after is a good way to get those customers back in to renew their contracts. The pricing currently shows at the $199 price point, a bit higher than we had hoped, but hopefully Verizon will add a rebate or something to bring that price down to the $99 - $150 range. Now we sit and wait, hoping that July 5 is the day.

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July 5 weighs in as potential Droid Incredible 4G LTE release date


Even though this isn't technically part of the HTC One series since it lacks the ImageSense camera & LCD2 screen, it will still probably be my next phone because it is the size that I prefer my phone to be. I hate that all manufacturers are only building top tier phones with 4.5"+ screens. I'm still rocking my OG DInc & love the size of it over anything that has came out since.

Not to mention that I'll bet the S4 processor on the slightly lower resolution screen will REALLY make this phone scream!

It is a shame that they are passing it off as being a top tier devise, however. I agree - I am personally happy w/ 4" and I've always thought the OG Incredible was nice. If this were basically a One S and it came out before June 28 I'd be tempted.

For the longest time I held the Droid Incredible as THE "DROID" that set the bar - such a shame that they seem confused what to do with this brand - it's why I and so many others were so excited for the fabled "Incredible HD" which I guess was the Thunderbolt? It's just odd to me that the "Incredible" is no longer that incredible.

Using the most recent ICS leak for the Rezound, which I believe Verizon is holding back to push this phone, battery life isn't remotely an issue. After heavy use I'm getting on average 15+ hrs of battery life. That includes syncing 4 gmail accts, Facebook to use the Sense widget, hourly weather, & Google+. With my extended battery I got almost 48 hrs. There is a well known Gingerbread bug in the build that caused battery drain.

I prefer the size of this & the only thing the Rezound has on this phone is a higher resolution screen. Everything else is better on the DInc 4G LTE.

Again, nobody here has used this phone to know how long the battery lasts. It's all speculation at this point until it has real world use.

Every time a new phone is released we are told battery life will be better and it has not come true yet. Based on HTC track record there is no reason to think otherwise with this.

So until then, there is no reason to take this over the ReZound.

But we essentially -have- used this phone. qHD screen, 1700mah battery, mid ghz S4 processor with an on-board LTE radio vs a separate one.

So it's basically a One S, at least as far as the power-saving components of one is concerned.

We've been told the battery life is better on the One line of products except this time it's TRUE. So unless they put in some wacky piece of hardware that doesn't exist among any other One line of phones, this phone will destroy the Rezound in battery life.

The only reason you would want the Rezound at this point is a slightly better screen resolution and slightly bigger screen itself. In all other respects it's a downgrade.

No actually we haven't. That's the point. Yes it has internals similar to the One S, but here is the problem.

The S has not been used on an LTE network to compare battery life. That is what the killer is on these phones, the LTE radio.

Unless Verizon offers a pre-order before the 28th this phone is almost dead in the water. As much as I like it , not everyone would want to give up their last free upgrade for it. And even fewer will give up their unlimited data for it starting the 28th.

Hate to tell you this but the unlimited data IMO is most likely being phased out from all carriers. Yes I predict Sprint will do it also especially when they get their act together. It is only a matter of time. I read an article that AT&T is also going to the shared Data Plan. The others will probably follow soon after. Big Red has said that most of the unlimited plans are on a 3g phone and these people will have to choose a new plan when switching to a 4g phone.

So I have a question for everyone who cant fathom the idea of not having their unlimited and want to jump carriers to keep it. Where are you going to go when unlimited is gone from all? Because it is going to happen.

P.S. I am not directing this at the above poster, it's just that it amazes me how people will jump through fire hoops to keep their UNLIMITED. I mean, come on people, really?????

At the same price point, is there any reason to get this over the SGS3? I'm asking this as a Sprint customer looking to move over to Verizon at some point in July, and looking to get the best available in that price range.

I think the only reason to get this over the S3 is if you think the S3 is too large, which is a legitimate concern for some people.

But if you were indifferent to the sizes, the S3 is dollar for dollar a considerably better phone even before you start considering the S3-only features it has (like NFC or Shite-Voice)

Which is precisely where I find myself. Very tempted to pick up a $.01 Nexus from Amazon but the vocal minority have swayed me away from it and the SGIII is just a monster of a device. I played with the AT&T model and it just feel too huge for a front pocket device.

If this comes in at $150 I might be tempted to jump on this just to have a modern device under 4.5in.

If Rezound had never been released I could work up some enthusiasm for DInc 4G... now, the best I can muster up is: "meh". I used (and still have) my day one DInc for two years -- loved that thing.

The Rezound is the spiritual successor to the DInc... all the right parts were increased and the thing is a beast.

Choices are a wonderful thing... 4.3" 720p HD screen & 4G are great. I thought about the Note but after messing around with it -- it is gi-freaking-normous!

Cheers to voting with your wallet and getting the best phone for you.

If I were someone waiting for a One X on Verizon I'd hold off a little on this one. I have a feeling the One XXL will be coming to Verizon.

seems verizon is giving a big F U to htc for getting this instead of the one x variant by releasing the sgs3 right after for same price.

From what rumors I've heard, Verizon hadn't really factored the SGS3 into the picture and Samsung pretty much forced their hand. This would have been a good incremental upgrade phone to launch around the same time as a $300 Razr HD for those wanting a slightly smaller, cheaper device. Who knows whether they initially planned this for right before or right after the end of Unlimited Data, but my guess is that was a last-minute decision and their hand was forced there, too.

If Verizon had been the only significant carrier on the planet not to carry the GS3, or released it substantially later or for a substantially higher price than other US carriers, the one-two punch of that failure and the end of Unlimited Data for new upgrades would have pushed their customers away in DROVES. They're still losing a ton of long-time customers, but there are quite a number (myself included) who were appeased enough by the offer of keeping Unlimited Data with an SGS3 preorder to jump on it.

This change in plans will steal the spotlight from any other phone releasing on Verizon this summer, save possibly the Razr HD, but Verizon will still want to push a heap of new phones as soon as the date has passed, and this is but one of the "bait".