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You've got to be careful when you see unannounced devices in promo videos. It's as likely as not that what you see may just be some sort of mock-up, rather than some upcoming production device. But in the case of the new tablet video Verizon's popped up on YouTube, it's both.

We're told that the Honeycomb tablet you see above -- which looks a bit like the current Motorola Xoom -- is in fact the Motorola Xoom. Actually, it's the "Motorola Xoom 4G," and it's currently in testing with Verizon.

Exactly what's been tweaked on the Xoom 4G? Tough to say at this point. We're told it has working 4G LTE build in. And if we had to guess, we'll see something a tad slimmer and lighter -- and maybe with even a microSD card, though it wouldn't surprise us to see external storage on tablets go the way of the dinosaurs.

We've also been told that the Xoom 4G isn't a done deal yet. Perhaps tweaks aren't enough for Verizon? But apparently it was done enough for someone to slip it in a video, so there's that.

And what about the current Motorola Xoom, which is still waiting on the promised hardware upgrade to 4G LTE? We're told that's still in the books. But it's now about six months since the launch of the Xoom, and it's still looking stout compared to the new tablets from ASUS, Samsung, Acer and others.

Check out the video for yourself after the break, and thanks to everyone who sent it in.

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Xoom 4G


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It's called the Xoom 4G


As if releasing a sequel device so soon wasn't bad enough already, naming it the "Xoom 4G" is a complete slap to the face and a kick to the nuts of all OG Verizon Xoom customers.

Well said. I hope Verizon and Motorola are reading this thread. Either they give the promised upgrades to 4G LTE and external memory card support or swap the 1st generation units for the new ones (if the latter does in fact exist) at no cost or amendment to the contract.

I'm not worried about the memory card ... the 32gb internal isn't full by any means because I have Google Music putting all gazillion GB of MP3s in the cloud (then again, I don't have beyond a couple movies). However, why do so many people complain about the memory card functionality? I was never and advertised feature if I recall. So its a plus its there, but it was never a selling feature or advertised "feature" of this device so therefor nobody promised it and "hasn't delivered".

Meh, I understand some people really want it I just don't understand some people's reactions to the fact it isn't enabled (stock).

Am I wrong?

Yes, you are wrong. It was most definitely an advertised feature being said that it was going to be made active in a future software update. It was said numerous times in press releases and the such.

OK, so I spent 5 minutes to research ...

Original press release: http://mediacenter.motorola.com/Press-Releases/Verizon-Wireless-and-Moto...

Xoom Spec page on VZW: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/motorolaxoom.jsp

Engadget CES Press: http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/motorola-xoom-becomes-official-on-mot...

OH! There it is buried in the very bottom of the spec sheet from Engadget. However both official press release (joint Mot/VZW) nor VZW web site mention the microSD slot.

Nice. New version of the Tablet that still doesn't have LTE or a working SD card slot? If Verizon releases a new XOOM with the features the original lacked, the original owners surely will not be happy. Waiting for the Panasonic Fully ruggedized tablet and whatever comes of Kal El later in the year.

Glad I returned mine two days after I bought it.

Granted, you've got me beat. I did see those 32GB Xooms running 499 at Costco the other day...

So what happens when the OG Xoom gets the LTE upgrade? Are they going to rename the device the Xoom 4G X2 or something dumb like that?

Motorola should just give up and offer all customers a refund as an apology for how seriously they messed up the Xoom launch.

"it wouldn't surprise us to see external storage on tablets go the way of the dinosaurs" - that would be unfortunate as it's one of the reasons I switched from iOS in the first place.

If they eliminate external storage on Tablets before I get one, I won't be getting one. I hope the Panasonic Tough tablet has an SD slot. If so, that's the one I'll be getting.

That's it. I'm going to force them to take mine back tomorrow. Now I am just getting angry about no LTE.

If this Xoom 4G becomes reality, then I can see only 2 scenarios: Motorola gives Xoom owners free upgrade or suffers class action lawsuit.

Lol CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Some people man. There will be upgrades for the people who have their Xooms, and there will be upgrades in the new Xoom. Don't be ridiculous.

Wow... Moto is really working on going banckrupt. The way they have released devices over the past year not to mention the piss poor quality. They really enjoy shooting themsleves in the foot. FU Moto.

This is moto not verizon. Verizon has nothing to do with moto not being able to update the tablets to 4g. It's not like verizon wants more people than there already are bitching and moaning. I mean people cry about every little thing about verizon. If you hate them so much switch carriers lol. Not that difficult. Good thing I held off getting a tablet.

Then it's a very costly plan. They're going to upgrade people's current Xooms, and the new 4G will have better hardware and a slimmer body. There's going to be a difference.

Their plan is to make money.

Giving free replacements will cost $$$.

I can see them giving you a discount in exchange -- but, not a free upgrade.

Hell, even a discount is wishful thinking... This is the same company who knowingly released a half-baked product in the first place just to see increased sales. (no microSD on launch and no 4G)

Actually, I'm glad they're changing it. I returned my Xoom months ago because it was pretty awful compared the other tablets (Asus TF, 10.1 and Ipad) AND when factoring in price. It managed to place dead last in the trifecta of tablet needs: screen, weight and price.

I didn't hear or see the word "4G" in Video or in the discerption in the Youtube video

Maybe its just to differentiate the new patch of LTE Xoom than the variants out there

as far as i know , there is

Verzion Xoom (With free LTE upgrade)
Xoom 3G (GSM)
Xoom Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi only)
Xoom 4G (WiMax)

Geez. I'm sitting here With my org wifi xoom and now what.. im still waiting for the bugs to be fixed. My browser crashes all the time and everything is very unstable. Don't get me wrong this is still the best tablet on the market but Motorola need to step it up.

You are wrong. It is faaaaar from the best on the Market. The new Samasung tab is the best on the market. Motos tab is a POS.

I think my Asus TF is better and it cost $100 less than the 10.1. (We have microSD capability!)

But yeah, the Xoom is pretty awful.

I feel this is just speculation to stir the pot a bit...

But if they release this before I get my upgrade I will make the life of every single vzw rep I can hell until the hang up on me.

This pisses me off just to think about this new device being developed before we get an upgrade to LTE.


How can the Xoom be the best tablet on the market when your browser crashes all the time and everything is unstable? That implies that it is the WORST tablet on the market.

Not sure what HIS problem is, but MY WiFi Xoom has never crashed, and the browser has never died, and I have no stability problems whatsoever.

My only three real complaints about the Xoom:

1) It doesn't support USB Mass Storage (which is extremely irritating).
2) SD card slot is still not working.
3) The automatic brightness thing never works quite right, so I switched to setting the brightness by had.

#1 is just a software fix- but I doubt it will ever come. Plus I suspect it is a Honeycomb issue on ALL devices.

#2 and #3 are actually pretty minor issues for me- with 32GB of storage, I haven't even put much of a dent in it- and that is when loaded with 100+ apps, many hundreds of songs and pictures, and even several long videos.

you guys need to root your xoom asap... not only is my USB mass storage working but I have a working 32 gb SD card as well. No stability issues running my CPU oc to 1.5ghz too. Not only was the xoom the first to get 3.1but it also is getting other updates from Google first like video rentals from market and music beta cloud making it nexus like. It was released months ago and still remains on the top in hardware specs. I don't know why people talk down this device soon much. Have fun waiting for updates and no SD card slot on your isammy and pay for your storage capacity.

Motorola needs to step out of the tablet market and work on the phone market and quit with the shitty quality and locked down devices. Just release another phone like the one that saved your asses(stock android) forget about your stupid blur.

wow. Not only are original Xoom owners left without the promised LTE upgrade, now there's an official "4G" Xoom coming. Ouch! To be honest though, Android tablets haven't impressed me much.

P.S. Thanks Android Central for creating a smooth mobile version of your site. One that I can actually comment on.

It truly is a kick in the teeth to us Xoom owners. Come on Moto and Verizon, get us the upgrades you promised us to get us to buy!


The Motorola Xoom 3g debuted for general sale on February 24, 2011. How is that 6 months? It is actually less than 4 (will be 4 months on June 24).

Not surprised at all, glad I sold mine before the bottom dropped out. Moto tumbled hard on this one.

Can someone versed in proper grammar/spelling be in charge of the petition? I can't sign that one in its current form. The target audience is not even uniform.

They are DANGEROUSLY close to enciting a riotous Class Action Lawsuit. Does anyone remember the V710 flip-phone debacle when Verizon advertised their first "bluetooth" phone but was discovered to be severely crippled? I had one, I was part of the class action back then. That was a Moto device as well. They really need to get their act together QUICKLY or else they'll be staring down at a LOT of angry Xoom owners. So much for loyalty to a company/brand.