Rumors have been swirling for some time now that Samsung would release a high-powered version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a super-dense screen and presumably high-powered processor to power it — and now we're getting our first form of confirmation (albeit not official from Samsung) on the device. The "Galaxy S5 Prime", we called it. These rumors began surfacing long before the Galaxy S5 announced, primarily that we would see a phone with an absurd 1440x2560 "QHD". Today we've got some new details care of SamMobile about where Samsung's going with this mythical device.

According to SamMobile's sources, the Galaxy S5 was originally prototyped as Project K with the eye-popping QHD display, but that was dropped early on in the revision process for the regular HD screen that we had in our Galaxy S5 review. But with the LG G3 confirmed to have a QHD display, it was only a matter of time before Samsung followed suit. And so that's where we find ourselves with "Project KQ".

The KQ (only a codename for now) is said to be powered by a Samsung Exynos 5430 processor, have Intel LTE, and the 5.2-inch QHD display. The octo-core processor is said to have four 2.1 Ghz cores for high power jobs and four lower power 1.5 GHz cores. It's partnere with an upgraded 600 MHz Mali GPU. The Intel LTE modem brings support for LTE Cat. 6 (with an absurd 300 mbps top speed) for markets outside of Korea, while the Korean version will have Samsung's own LTE network. SamMobile does note that none of this is for certain with this report — Project KQ is still in development, and undoubtedly Samsung wants to let the Galaxy S5 ride for a little while before overshadowing it with the KQ. And we have no projection of when Project KQ might come to market, where it will be available, or even how much this next-gen smartphone might cost. But we can bet that it's coming, perhaps soon.

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Intel LTE and QHD display rumored to debut with Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime


I feel like they'll wait a year and make this the GS6. It's too soon to alienate all those people who just bought the current flagship.

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They might be testing the waters with the new technology. Intel LTE + Exynos + QHD will be a big change for the US market from the current standard of Qualcomm. If anything, I hope they release this phone, fix any bugs (if they decide to go QHD, it better not lag), and bring out a polished S6 next year with these specs.

Actually, the SamMobile post mentions that Samsung will stick will Qualcomm hardware for the US market. The Intel LTE + Exynos 5430 combo is for the international version of the device. In the US, the device will feature a Snapdragon 805.

But really what difference does it make what they call it? GS5 Prime, GS6 either way it doesn't change what the S5 is, a solid phone.

A solid phone which lags on a 2014 beast of a phone? Samsung should be ashamed of itself. Hopefully they fix their software and make it not lag and stutter with the powerful hardware we have now a days.

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I'm using one as my daily driver. It's a fine phone. Havn't had any issue with the lag that you're complaining about.

I'm not sure they care. It's about competition. If the G3 is going to have higher end specs than the S5, then they'll try and compete with that.
They only waited 2 months to release the S4 Active after the S4.

The Active was only "better" in that it was slightly water resistant, and that was at the expense of losing an amoled screen and gaining ugly buttons.

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The point was that they didn't care that they were possibly going to upset people who just bought an S4. Other OEMs were doing the water resistant thing and they wanted in.

They don't care, besides the s4 active was a step down in every way except being water/dust resistant. Now if they released the s4 active with every single thing the s4 had with some additions then thats different.

What if this just ended up being the Note 4? Seems way more plausible to me.

Still rocking my Note 2 and the Note 4 is probably my next phone.

Codenames (and project names) suggest a it'll be a Galaxy phone and not a Note.

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I assume you mean "suggest it'll be an S phone" since the note is still Galaxy Note X.

And what's the difference in code/project names in S vs Note? Thanks for the response :)

Note 3 was a different project (J vs G) and the model number was SM-N not SM-G

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Ah ok...and the fact that this is supposedly a 5.2" screen I guess mean's it's definitely not a Note...thanks

Just way more pixels that need to be pushed around with no benefit. I wouldn't want a screen like that.

Normally I have nothing against progress, but I have to admit that you're right. I can plant my nose to my 1080p screen and I still can't see any discernible pixilation. 4K TV's make lots of sense (have you ever stood right in front of a large 1080P display?). But for something that's 5 inches, that's a bit of an overkill. I also know that the new processors will be "optimized," but there's no way that you could tell me that a QHD display won't kill the battery. I feel like battery technology and perhaps the camera should be the focus of the next generation of phones, not an even denser display.

Same here. 1080p screens are a necessity for me; however anything higher than that on a phone around the 5 inch range isn't really noticeable. Now 720p IS too low for a phone around 5 inches for me, because even 720p on the 4.7 inch Moto X drives me bananas seeing the pixel lines. The only way 1080p has noticeable pixel lines, is on my Nexus 7, or if you hold a magnifying glass to my Nexus 5 (which I'm guessing most people never do)

Got Nexus?

I don't know if that is 100% true. The level of sharpness from an increased resolution is noticeable. The same way "experts" say you cannot visually see the difference 4k provides on any tv smaller than 50". Many can and will notice a difference that a 4k screen provides.

The resolution difference is not noticeable. However, the move to a different process, and smaller sub-pixels, can have other benefits beyond just resolution. It can also increase contrast, dynamic range, perceived brightness, etc., which adds up to a much larger increase in quality overall, with the resolution increase at this point being a tangential benefit rather than the primary one it was previously.

Me neither. I wouldn't trade my GS5 for this, because any resolution other than 1920x1080 is going to introduce scaling artifacts when you're screen mirroring to an 1080p TV.

I dunno which is funnier. The fact that they manufacture displays with this high of PPI, or the people who think they can tell the difference.

Posted via my Moto X (Sorry Nexus 5, too many issues)

Yeah, I can see them too at about 6". Problem is, I can only see them when I'm trying to prove to someone that I can see the pixels. :-P

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The human eye can see just a little over 2000ppi. It is very ignorant to say that the difference isn't noticeable. If you are not noticing a big difference I suggest getting vision test because there is a lot of beauty in life you are missing out on.

Comprehension skills are very important but I understand things can be overlooked. Your "expert" cited ppi's at 12" and that would be about accurate.

I have perfect close range vision. I'm pretty sure I can't tell the tell the difference between my Nexus 5 and my Moto X at a normal operating distance. I could be wrong though. I'll have my secretary make some calls and get back to you.

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Also I don't think we will see anything other than Qualcomm soc here in the states. Sammobile states that this is not for US market and most probably it will be the Snapdragon 805 in US.

Will be interesting to see how Samsung markets. My personal opinion is that samsung is going to hold on to this until iPhone 6 is announced. And then it is going to go against apple with the S5 prime and Note 4. Basically covering both the rumored 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhone.

I think Samsung is not worried that much about LG coming to market first with the QHD display. It's main competition is with apple, I think they can handle lg with the S5 and huge marketing push for S5.

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That is the best idea I've heard

& then Samsung scientific overshadow is new S5

The new note will go head to head with them iPhone 6 so why not drop a premium QHD S5 with the note 4 to take on the new iPhone

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If they'd clean up and optimize they're bloated software they wouldn't need 8 cores.

Only way to truly get the most out of a Samsung phone IMHO is with an AOSP Rom. My note 2 with CM11 on it is as fast as anything coming out and I bet faster than the S5 with its bloated OS. Why upgrade.
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What a turn of events. Samsung following the suit of LG? Even a year ago that would've been impossible to fathom. Go LG! Set the pace of innovation.

LG G2 (4.4.2) T-Mobile

Well LG has always been first or fast to be on latest hardware. I believe they were the first to dual core processor as well with that awful LG phone, forgot the name.

Anyway they suck at software doing cartoonish ui just like Samsung. Shame that awesome hardware on these Samsung and LG is spoilt with the ugly, laggy softwares even on latest hardware.

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People talk too much about lag! Smartphones running either the Snapdragon 600 or the Snapdragon 800 run plenty smooth.

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They'll release it in about six months and do what apple has done to the iPhone. 5, 5S, etc. etc.

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Sounds great. Hope it has front facing speakers. Can't wait for the Note 4.

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As long as people demand "higher" everything these OEMs will provide, regardless how it affects performance or battery life. Apple knows best how to put things together. If they were not as closed I would find no alternative for iPhone. This is just ridiculous from any distance. unless you are using magnifying lens or love to zoom in your 4 k videos while playing you can't see the difference. It's science not opinion.
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VZW Moto X

And this is exactly what the benefit is of waiting to upgrade. I will compare this and the G3 thoroughly, though I will probably stick to Samsung due to sd card support and accessible battery.

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