How much Android tablet does £119 get you?

We've just got done with Tesco's Hudl event in London, where the retail giant announced a 7-inch Android tablet with a quad-core CPU that'll sell for just £119. With such a competitive price, the Hudl is probably among the best tablets around this price point. The 1440x900-resolution display beats most entry-level Android slates, and the back panel is furnished in soft-touch plastic, similar to that of the new Nexus 7. As you'll see in our hands-on video above, we're looking at a relatively barebones Android 4.2 Jelly Bean experience, with some additions from Tesco. These include apps to take advantage of video through the company's BlinkBox and Clubcard TV, as well as apps for groceries and online shopping (natch).

Check past the break for more photos, and share your thoughts down in the comments.

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Hudl: Hands-on with Tesco's budget tablet


The Tesco bloke said Android 4.2.2 was the latest version, obviously he's wrong, as 4.3 is, still that being said looks like a really nice tablet.

Yeah, probably the classic rep who doesn't know what they're talking about other than the memorised script.

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No, it's totally true! Also, her mom-in-law learned five languages, lost 30 pounds and looks 20 years younger using ONE WEIRD TRICK.

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The Hudl guy says you can watch your blinkbox content "anywhere in the world as long as you've got an internet connection".

WRONG. The studios they buy their content from will not yet allow this - blinkbox content is UK only at the moment.

Just saying so non-UK buyers can't get disappointed post-purchase.

Still a nice bit of kit though!

I bet they're going to sell a shit load of those, they'll probably stack them up where they usually have the Nook/Kindle/Nexus.

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I expect this to put a big price squeeze in rival cheap tablets. The old model Kindles were being discounted by Argos, but the hudl is still cheaper than those, and the Nooks too.

It's a great time to be thinking about buying tablets!

Just ordered one and a case/screen protector. Less than £140.

Pretty happy with that, don't mind if its a 'tesco tablet'. The equiv nexus 7 would cost me over £100 more with everything I need.

After reading mostly favourable reviews and watching a few unboxing videos on youtube I decided to order one of these on Thursday. I ordered the blue one just to be a bit different as nearly everyone will have a black tablet :)

There is such a thing as talking with your hands TOO much...

In other news, Lidl have launched their rival version of the Hudl. They call it the "Fucso".

I'm thinking of buying the tesco hurl for my two boys ages 5 & 8 - does anything think these r good for the children? Also does anyone know if you can get the app Minecraft on them? Many thanks