Sprint Epic 4G DI07 update

The Sprint Epic 4G is in the midst of an over-the-air system update -- bugfixes, mostly, and not Froyo just yet, though Samsung's Media Hub is now enabled. But if you just can't stand to wait any longer (that'd be a good many of you, we reckon), Andrew Ruffolo in the Android Central Forums has brought us the manual method. All you have to do is download a file move it to your SD card, and follow a couple of instructions. Easy as pie, and it's the same as getting the OTA update, only no waiting. Check it out at the source link. [Android Central Forums]

Update: Video of the OTA process is after the break if you're into that sort of thing.


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How to manually update your Epic 4G


ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I personnally think that whoever has made this video is a complete idiot and they need to do the whole video over. Not to only include the end of the update, but the beginning of the video. Please don't disappoint the Epic owners out there, you need to include every step in the video and not just include it on a website. This is for everyones future thoughts on posting a video. Please fix the video as soon as possible.

I just got this phone last week and thought this upsdate would fix the problem I have with flash. But nope it still gives me the flash 9 logo everytime I go into a page with flash! What's up with that? Anyone know how I can fix that?

Jus got ota update and fro those people who haven't gotten it yet don't manual update there's no point its like wow this is the update

BTW, I didn't create the file, just uploaded it correctly named to update.zip and gave detailed directions on how to do it. All credit should be given to Stericson from XDA who pulled the update file from his phone. BTW, I apologize to all who can't see paid apps, I didn't know that fact before hosting the file. This is an issue where the market isn't recognizing the test keys with this update.

Will this update work on DG17? I am stuck on DG17 and it won't even update to dg27 so I'm 2 updates behind. Also will this prevent me from recieving future ota updates?