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Samsung Galaxy S5


Hey developers! If you have ten minutes to spare today and happen to want a new smartphone (who doesn't?), then we have something for you: The Developer Economics Survey. Brought to you by our friends at Vision Mobile, this quick survey focuses on developer questions around the things that are important to developers: platforms, frameworks, customers, and more.

Of course, your answers will help Vision Mobile build their next report on app development today, but we know you really want to know what you might be able to win for your time. How's a new smartphone sound? You could win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5! Also up for grabs are an iPhone 5s, a Nokia Lumia 930, and a BlackBerry Z30, as well as some other cool gizmos.

There are 16 comments

erwaso says:

How does one be considered a Developer? lol

Hello, world!

Have you ever tried to write an app? If so, you're enough of a developer to take the survey.

NoNexus says:

Nope, you have to write mobile apps

Posted via Android Central App

When I said "app" on an android website, I thought it would be understood.
Hmmm... Yeah.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

ScottJ says:

NoNexus is the resident troll. Disregard his nonsense.

JeffPom says:

Today, I think I'm a developer.

Posted via Android Central App

Ironically I became a developer today thanks to this survey. It was a learning experience.

Posted via Android Central App

Haris Ayub says:

Wow I'm a developer too now

Posted via Android Central App

Ben Lutgens says:

Wow that survey is so broken, it doesn't render for shit.

hopesrequiem says:

Not true. Just took it on my moto x. Your phone clearly failed their test. Lol

Posted via Android Central App

jb2unique says:

Link not working.

rose945 says:

Pick me.......

Iesha James says:

you should pick my me because i love to have one of the galaxy s5 and it will be so good to have one.i really want that galaxy s5 so bad thats why i should get the phone.

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