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Former Android head Andy Rubin has been busy since he stepped down to explore a "new chapter at Google." The New York Times reveals in an article today that Rubin has been heading up a new venture at the tech giant, and it's all about robots. Following the acquisition of seven companies over the past six months, Google is looking to create "a new generation of robots." For the moment the project isn't aimed at consumers, but at industry — specifically, electronics manufacturing, supply chain and logistics work, much of which is currently done by humans.

There are more details about possible uses for Google's future robot army in the full article, linked below. And while the project is admittedly a "moonshot," with a decade or more of development time ahead of it, it's easy to see the potential it brings. Rubin himself likens it to Google's self-driving car project — still in development, but now closer to reality than science fiction.

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Good read: Andy Rubin now heading up Google's robotic moonshot


Probably because the photographer asked them too. Getting subjects to look good is the photographers job, though I probably would have used different lighting in that photo....

Which speaks to how bad the photographers must be. I have no idea why a sane photographer would think that this pose or the Bill Gates pose was a good idea.

How is Android a mess? And, if that's the case, why do you continue to use it?

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Ah fanboys of any persuasion are always worth a hoot and holler. I enjoy android. And just because I enjoy Android does not obligate me to get on bended knees to accept its short comings. Besides there is no viable alternative at this point. I suspect that Google realizes that being at the top of market share. Windows mobile, yeah right. IOS no thank you. Millennialls use their devices for sexing, surfing porn, and gaming so you all are oblivious to the short comings of 4.4. Many of us professionals rely on our mobile OS to facilitate organizing our work lives in addition to our personal lives. So when that gets borked, it's an issue. It's all out there if you care to search it, but I am not going to repeat links that I have provided in other comments and posts. Btw, an update to 4.4 to address the bugs is on the schedule to be released ;-) Silly fanboy.

Dang it! I clicked the link hoping to read about Google sending robots to the moon. I had visions of millions of little walkers spreading themselves over the lunar surface, creating a huge wireless network, and then tilting their reflective heads back and forth to make each of them a pixel in a ginormous display for ads.

If it will do my dishes and laundry I'm sold. I hate doing dishes and laundry.

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Just get married =)

(says the guy that refuses to get married, lol)

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Typical. You never have anything constructive to say. Why even be a member of Android Central, if you're not even a fan of Android?

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