A Barnes & Noble tablet, made by Samsung, for 79

Samsung and Barnes & Noble are releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook today, both in Barnes & Noble retail stores as well as online. A variant of the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4, the Tab 4 Nook comes loaded with Barnes & Noble software rather than Samsung's TouchWiz.

Barnes & Noble call the Tab 4 Nook the first Android tablet optimized for reading. The software is designed to give users easy access to media, be it books, magazines, or TV. It is custom Barnes & Noble software, rather than Samsung's TouchWiz, and customers will be able to access the Google Play Store. The Tab 4 Nook will also come with $200 of content from Barnes & Noble, including free books, magazines, and TV episodes.

As far as specs, it's a Galaxy Tab 4. The display has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and it comes with 8GB of internal storage. This can be expanded to 32GB with an microSD card. Barnes & Noble says that the Tab 4 Nook should get up to 10 hours of battery life with normal usage.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is available today, both in Barnes & Noble retail locations as well as on their website. It will cost $199, though Barnes & Noble's instant rebate brings that down to $179.

Will you be picking up a Galaxy Tab 4 Nook? Let us know below in the comments.

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Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a $179 Samsung tablet with a Barnes & Noble twist


So they halved the storage of the OG Tab 4 and put in different bloat (with even less assurance of updates than a regular Galaxy Tab with TW) and it costs the same?

Only silver lining in this is that there will be a LOT of nice cases to choose from if you are a 7" Tab 4 owner.
Personally, this could've been a great way for Samsung to test the waters for a tweaked formfactor--maybe an 8" Nook Tab with onscreen buttons? Oh well!

That screen resolution is just sad compared to the Nook HD. And considering it's $50 more than the Nook HD it feels like a bit of a rip off.

...or we could buy last year's Nook HD with 32GB internal space and a 1920x1080p resolution for less money.

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I have a nook hd+ and I think it is the perfect screen size and ratio, but there will probably be no more tablets like it. I think I am going to sell it on eBay, have cyanogen mod on it and it is pretty slow.

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It definitely made my skin crawl when I read it, too. It sounds horrible. Luckily though, it was only one mistake, so I'm not sure we should be commenting on it. But while we're on the topic...

Jerry is a lot of people's favorite writer on this site. He's definitely one of mine, too. It's a shame that I can tell who the author of an article is just by seeing if they confuse "its" and "it's", but, Jerry is the only writer here who always, always, 100% without a doubt consistently and forever always, does this. It's been three or four years now, and he still does it in every single article he writes. I kept thinking Phil, who always uses the correct form and worked in a newspaper (and is his boss), would correct him before publishing the article, but it doesn't happen.

Needless to say, this is not of utmost importance. I agree with that statement. It just takes away a little from every article he writes, and it's a shame, because they're usually very good articles.

For those too lazy to Google:
"its" is possessive. Examples include things like "the relationship ran its course" or "the dog buried its bone outside". It belongs to something or someone.

"it's" means "it is". This is the only one Jerry seems to believe exists. Using the examples above, they'd read as "the relationship ran it is course", and, of course, "the dog buried it is bone outside". Yeah, pretty hideous and ridiculous to read, isn't it? That's why they take away from Jerry's articles, unfortunately.

Now, begin the flutter of hateful comments calling us grammar naz-well, actually, how about grammar enthusiasts? Or simply people who enjoy well-written articles that make sense without having to fix them in your head first?

P.S: love AC and especially love you, Jerry :-P

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Here's the thing. For long-form reading, it's really hard to beat an e-ink device. I'm simply not going to buy a full-on Android tablet for reading books. With e-ink, the battery can last a month or more, it's much, much easier on the eyes and a good built-in lighting system, like the Paperwhite and even the Glowlight has won't light up a dark room annoying your sleeping partner.

I still use tablets - mostly for video or magazine reading, but this type of device just doesn't jump out to me like a "gotta have it" kinda thing.

B&N has to get out of its own stinkin' way...I really think that Barnes and Noble ought to partner up with Google (or just sell out to Google entirely) and bring a real e-ink solution to Android instead. Something where you can buy books either from B&N or Google or just find your own EPUB books. Price it a $79 to undercut Amazon and you might just have a thing.

I'm pretty particular with B&N's success but I'm not sure with those specs...I hope the average consumer buys into it

Yea but the nook hd has no camera and also cannot Bluetooth any sort of files to it so the Galaxy tab might be better. I didn't find that out until I bought the nook hd for my girlfriend

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