Vibrant alerts

One thing missing from the Galaxy S class of phones -- and this will hurt some of your more than others -- is proper LED notification. Sorry, it's just not there. If you miss a call, or get an e-mail or text message, you're on your own to wake the phone to check.

Unless ... You install a simple little app from madmack at XDA Developers. It pops a small red square onto your otherwise blank screen, alerting you if you've missed something. And before you can even think the words "pixel burnout," note that the square doesn't sit in one place, so that's a non-issue. Hit up the source link for the instructions, and tell 'em we sentcha. [XDA Developers via Android Spin]


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Galaxy S tip: Don't miss a notification because your phone's asleep


As a consumer actively shopping for a new Android phone, the lack of LED notification on the Galaxy S is a complete deal breaker for me. (Much like the lack of front facing camera on the Droid X is a deal breaker).

Not sure if Sprint's version (Epic) may address this whenever it appears...but I'll continue to sit on the sidelines until a phone maker can put all the features I want(Cams,screen,GPU,LED notification,processor) into a single handset.

Front facing cameras are as much as a gimmick as WIFI on laptops was around 2000, and USB3 is now. I'd rather have a feature that things will use down the road then to need to go out and buy a new handset because the manufacturer is trying to be cheap. (See Apple as a reference.)

I agree. I'm sick of these

"The lack blah blah... is a deal breaker to me"

Honestly, ever phone I have ever had I never needed to check the LED light if I had a notification. Because the times I am expecting a business call I'm usually weary of my phone and hear or feel i vibrate anyways.

You can just set it to make a sound or to vibrate when you get a message or something.

How are you going to see a notification light anyway, when a phone is mostly in someone's pocket?

your missing the point, if you leave your phone out and it's not on you or if you miss the ringer/vibration all you have to do is check the light to know you missed something. You can assign colors to different things so you know if it's a missed call/text/email/etc... MASSIVELY helpful

My phone has a bug where if you're in a phone menu and you miss a call, the led doesn't warn you when you miss a call and it messes me up so bad. An accurate LED notification would help so much.
Check out one of the gallery imgages...big red led right on top. I'm sorta paranoid that the EPIC is so different from it's 3 bros..that they may leave something really cool out just to even the playing field, 'cause it seems to be a more complete phone (flash, led, keyboard(your opinions may vary on kb's)) but yeah may early adopt for the first time on this.

This app is a great idea- I wonder why it took so long for someone to think of it? I really don't understand how the LACK of LED notification is a dealbreaker- I get email LITERALLY every 5 minutes between work and home- the thing is ALWAYS blinking- how is that any help?

Do you REALLY look at the phone EVERY time your phone blinks? How pavlovian...

I'm a busy person who does not get email every 5 minutes but my emails are important to me and missing them and not answering them in a timely matter could be a dealbreaker for my clients.

I don't know if pavlov has anything to do with it, but it is nice to have. In your case (brandonc) it isn't much use, but not everyone receives an e-mail every 5 min. When I'm at home I often place my phone on a table and walk away. When I come back I'd like to not have to turn it on to see if I've missed anything.

With that said, I'm on Sprint and might be getting the EPIC...which is said to have a notification LED.

DInc has and LED, but its so recessed, or offset from the hole (not sure which) that you can only see it from a narrow angle. Maybe 30 to 50 degrees depending how close you are. So from the other side of the room? Not a chance unless you got it propped up and pointed at you.

Dude, this is extremely useful for people. Oftentimes I put my phone on complete silence, without even a vibrate, and leave it face-up on my desk.

It keeps me from getting distracted by the vibration or notification sound, but allows me to see if anything new happened with a quick glance.

Ummm correct me if I'm wrong. It may be a blank screen, but its still turned on as is the back/side lights on the screen. That is going to hit the battery hardcore.

OK I stand corrected. But it doesn't change the fact that to provide this blinky pixel that you would need to leave the screen on all the time. (Or at least when you get a message, which could be a lot depending on your usage habits.) That WILL eat battery, no matter how efficient it is.

Um guys, the iPhone has no external LED.

Also don't most people have constant txt messages, emails and IM's all day long? so what's the point..

I have a nexus one (favorite phone ever) and the led kinda bugs me sometimes.

Exactly my point... with all the facebook/twitter/aim/SMS/email I would think this thing would be blinking all day long! I'm NOT very "connected" when it comes to social networking and my pre flashed all day long! Drove me nuts!

I decide WHEN I want to read my updates- I don't let my phone dictate when I need to look at it.

Here's a better question- when the phone rings- do you feel the NEED to check caller id or take the call? Me- if I don't want to answer because whatever I'm doing is more important than taking a call- I let it go to voicemail without EVER looking to see who it was. This drives my wife nuts- but to me- a part of me still liked the "old days" when we didn't expect people to be so connected.

I'm not going to drop everything to reply or read what you said- or I won't get anything done... I'll check status/etc when I'm good and ready.

This pixel blink app is great for those that lack a real led- and personally, I think it an elegant solution for those that want notifications- most devices that have an ACTUAL LED have no feature to turn it off- and THAT bugs me quite a bit.

Yeah, I wish I could turn mine off. I also agree about answering the phone, if I'm expecting a call I answer it but otherwise it goes to voicemail, and since I use google voice I just listen to it at my computer.

Umm, on my EVO you can configure what events trigger the notification LED... IIRC there's separate checkboxes for FB, SMS, e-mail, voicemail, missed calls, and one or two other things. Pretty sure that's the same way it works for most Android phones w/notification LEDs.

Mine is set to only notifiy me about txts, voicemails, and missed calls since I'm usually bombarded by e-mails and FB stuff and most of it isn't urgent, but people usually txt or call when they wanna get a hold of you more promptly, duh,

I never had a notification LED on any of my previous phones (one Sony Ericsson and half a dozen Nokias), seems like it was always more common on CDMA/Moto phones (and Blackberries too I guess), I'm glad I have it now tho... It's quite useful when I'm at home and I tend no to have the phone on me.

I can tell at a glance from across the room if I've received a call or txt... Why would you NOT want to be able to do that? /shrug

This is also a deal breaker for me too. A lot of the times, I have my phone on silent, no vibrate or sound, and rely solely on the LED light from my Droid. Makes NO sense how they could exclude this from such a series of phones.

>"and this will hurt some of your more than others -- is proper LED notification."

An LED is not proper notification. Period. A *proper* notification system would include the option for a repeating audible reminder. Something that will tell you there is an important notification without having to CONSTANTLY stare and check and recheck your phone every time you walk by it.

And you can get that from this:

It is something that *SHOULD* be built into Android (and WebOS, since it is missing there too).

is it so hard to just check your phone every time you look at it? you press one button and there boom, check it. If messaging and email on your phone was so important you would check it regardless of that stupid little led. So it was unnecessary since most of the problems can be solved with android apps. I think Samsung has finally hit gold with the galaxy line. I love their computers and tvs, now the next samsung I have will be their phone. and thank you for this app it will be useful!

just finished installing it and tweeking it on my captivate, works perfectly as on to asking for different colors and multiple dots

I used the AC Wonder Machine to install this yesterday and it has worked exactly the way i expect it would on my Captivate.

I'm really shocked by the number of rudely dismissive comments on this one. So some people use the phone differently than you - why is that so offensive? Geez. Also, spam for a certain app..

Anyway, personally -- this is nice. Shame there's no LED in the beginning though. Like some others - I'm always getting email from two different accounts, text, missed calls etc -- I usually have my phone on me and my call and text alerts are hard to miss. But I purposely have the email notices more low key - I often miss them. That's OK, I don't need to jump on emails every time I receive one. When I'm ready to check, though, I only have to glance at my phone to know if I have email to read, or maybe a missed text / call. No need to wake the screen. That's why LED notification works for me.

If having the LED bugs some of you so much, how about just putting a dab of nail polish on it and calling it a day, rather than get all internet-angry about it?

@crxssi...I agree with you that a audible alert is better than a visual alert but damn man. Are you getting paid to market that app you keep posting links too?