Galaxy S4

The dust has settled after last week's Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement event in New York, but there's still lots to discuss ahead of the phone's eventual launch. You'll find much of that discussion over at the Android Central forums. Here's a rundown of some of the top threads in our Galaxy S4 forum right now.

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From the forums: Top Samsung Galaxy S4 threads


People using multiple accounts to spam fake votes & comments.

I've noticed that I've been seeing same pro-HTC, anti-Samsung comments over and over again across multiple sites.

I wonder who hired them...

Even on XDA, people opened like 3-4 threads on the HTC One forum to get people to vote for these polls. How lame is that though? As if it will make the One sell more than the S IV SMH......

Why does the the SGS4 have 4 times more pre-orders than the SGS3 in the UK? Polls don't mean **** that's why.