Galaxy Note 8 car dock

So the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a more-than-capable Android tablet, as well as as an oversized phone. And if you want to dock it in your car, Samsung's got you covered there, as well.

Yes, there's an official car dock for this phone/tablet hybrid. It's done in the usual Samsung motif of glossy black plastic, and the tablet fits snugly inside. We didn't see any specific car app installed on this Note on display, but you can find any number of them in the Play Store.

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All in all, it's a stylish way to keep the Note 8.0 at hand in your vehicle. The trick will be to keep from creating an 8-inch blind spot on your windshield.

We've got one more pic after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 car dock


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First look at the Galaxy Note 8 car dock


It looks the same as their 4.0-5.3 inch universal mount (Google "Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock"). I have one of those for my Nexus 4, and it's really nice quality.

I seriously hope this is for using the Note 8.0 as a navigation system and not as a phone. I don't show any animosity to the phablet craze, but 8 inches is seriously out of hand.

I wonder how many idiots are going to be driving around at night, with this thing staring them in the face at full brightness.

Note to Sammy:
Please make legitimate docks with charging and USB audio out. Otherwise, this is a holder, I can keep it next to my Coffee.

I'm thinking Samsung may be opening themselves up to a lawsuit by selling a windshield mount for this behemoth. A "phablet" this size would be safer mounted to the front of the dash or a cup holder or somewhere lower.

If I remember correctly some US states will only allow you to mount displays/devices on the windshield to the left of the driver. This 8 inch monster wont fit over there. In the case of an accident in a newer vehicle the airbag behind it will turn it into an 8 inch projectile. Mounting something "down" on the dash or cup holder is just asking the driver to take his eyes and peripheral vision off the road.

And mounting it in the windshield makes the driver's visibility smaller. The lesson of the story? Put your phone away when you're driving and pull over if you have to mess with it.

I used to mount my SIII to the left of the rear view mirror, but that created more of a blind spot than I was comfortable with. Mounting it low on the windshield below the mirror works fine. I can't see an 8" device anywhere on the windshield being safe!