The Facebook app for Android has received an update that enables offline posting. It's pretty simple in concept and design: create a post, be it text, an image, a video, or a combination of all of those, submit it, and once your phone is back into someplace where you have signal or you switch off airplane mode, Facebook will submit your queued post.

There's not much more to it than that, at least as far as the user is concerned. The update is available now on Google Play, which leaves us with the question: from where are you going to be posting to Facebook now?


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Facebook for Android updated, you can now create posts offline


I hope it loses the lag. I know my Moto X is not a powerful device but Facebook shouldn't lag while scrolling like that...

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Ever since they want ridiculous permissions they dont need I erased the app and just use a bookmark to the mobile page on my home screen.
I don't have to keep switching the mobile page to show most recent either

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Hmm,...that sounds like a good idea! The timeline has been so messed up recently!

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Until they make it easier to go view most recent, I will keep using third party apps. I have to admit though I'm getting closer and closer to not using facebook at all.

Tinfoil for Facebook. Basically a wrapper for the mobile site. I am becoming more and more annoyed with apps leaving their process in ram even when not used. Changed from Facebook to tinfoil, from WhatsApp to telegram, from Viber to Skype only because of this.

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It allows you to post when you think of something to post, even if you don't have a signal at that time. Without this feature you may just forget about it and never post it. Not a huge deal...but still a nifty feature to have. Especially if there are certain places you visit regularly that have poor signals (certain buildings, certain parts of town, subways, etc.). If you have something you want to post, you can do it right then and let the app automatically post it when your connection resumes without you having to remember.

My app Quick Post (for posting to Twitter and Facebook) has had this feature for years. It's about time the official Facebook app added it.

I use a bookmark of the site. Less lag than kindle and Android apps, and the news feed actually updates!

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Instead of continuing to add more, why don't they get the bugs ironed out first!?

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Biggest complaint, a lot of the feeds I'm subscribed to only show up once in awhile. I've tried unsubscrubing, then subscribing again after a few days and feeds still show up once in awhile. Meanwhile companies are rushing to turn to FB for free advertising thinking their posts are being pushed out to "all" of their followers, when they aren't. Before they went public, I didn't have this problem. And here are stupid investors thinking FB is improving overall... yeah right.

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No recent stories fix. No thanks, still on pre-top stories build and not updating it until it is.

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That's not a bug that needs "fixing" - it's a design choice that they've rammed down our throats.

I wish they'd bring the ability to stop notifications on posts in the app. I have some super-popular friends who routinely get 50-100 replies to their posts and if I step into that, my email explodes with all the other replies. (No, turning off all notifications isn't a fix.)

But does the update remove anything, such as messaging which will force you to separately install the messaging app?

I'm not d/l'ing the FB app again until after messaging is removed. Maybe then it won't be such a resource hog. As it is now I prefer not using FB on my phone vs using that crappy app.

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