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CES is always a breeding ground for some really spectacular smartphone accessories, and 2013 is no exception. What's truly unique about this tradeshow is how diverse it tends to be-- for a week, Las Vegas is home to some of the newest and best styles from all over the globe. Today, we caught a look at what Korean manufacturer Anymode is doing with its line of accessories.

Currently, Anymode is only available for import through their website-- don't expect to find any of these designs here in the States. What's noteworthy about these accessories is the way Samsung has managed to spur innovation around the world-- here's a perfect example of stunning detail designed exclusively for Galaxy devices (and the iPhone, but who cares). I've said it before and I'll say it again-- Samsung's success isn't due as much to its hardware as it is to its ecosystem. Aside from iOS products, the Galaxy line is by and large the Android devices with the most accessories to choose from, which is more of a deciding factor when purchasing a phone than most care to admit. Personally, I love my DNA much more than my Galaxy Note 2, but the DNA's lack of accessories, compared with the Note 2's plethora, is a major drag for this HTC customer.

Anymode's full line of cases and accessories for the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy S 3 and the Galaxy Camera can be found in the gallery below-- we'll continue to gather eye candy as we stumble across it, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that some of these designs will soon hit American shelves. 


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Anymode's line of luxury Galaxy cases confirms Samsung's accessory dominance


Maybe he was thinking the galaxy nexus?.... Can pick up good accessories for the dna, but they are hard to find o git a great flip case fir mines from China fir only 15dollars

This also shows the benefit for these phone manufactures to make ONE phone model for all carriers. This will encourage accessory makers and Android users will no longer feel left behind.. I love this.

Very True. I loved my HTC EVO 4G, but the lack of OEM cases and batteries (that were not huge extensions with humps)left me longing for a another device.

I now have the Galaxy Nexus, and even with the extended battery, cases are much better.

My son has a Galaxy SII and there are so many OEM options it makes your head spin. I like the Droid DNA's aesthetics, but most of the accessories sold by VZW are overpriced and not many to choose from.

Exactly... one phone, that is the same, with the same name, across all carriers lets that one phone start to get name/brand recognition, and lets third parties design accessories for it that they can expect to be useful to a large enough market to be worth doing it.

I actually really like Motorola devices, so I'm hoping that with the rumored "X Phone" they go this route. I also hope that it's vanilla Android, so that updates can come quickly (it'd be nice if Google actually used their muscle and pushed back against carriers with this phone, saying they're going to update it, but I don't think there's any real chance of that).

Just got my case yesterday after waiting for over a month thru ebay...very nice quality. I haven't seen any other battery door replacement that has the kickstand built into it. Not a case with a kickstand, but one built into it like the HTC Evo. It keeps the phone real slim

This article is borderline sycophantic. This sentence crosses the line: "What's noteworthy about these accessories is the way Samsung has managed to spur innovation around the world--..."

There is nothing innovative about these accessories, and there is nothing innovative about the S3. (just like there isn't anything innovative with ANY of its competitors, iPhone included) The smartphone market has reached the point where there isn't anything left to innovate. All that's being done is iterative.