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The HTC Evo Shift 4G has joined the CyanogenMod 7 club, with an early, still unofficial build getting pretty good reviews.  Android Central Moderator and Evo Shift user Big D5 has this to say:

I have been running this ROM all day. I have tested just about everything, at least everything I use daily, with no issues. Bluetooth works, GPS works, WIMAX works. This ROM is OC'ed to 1.5 mhz, it is fast and smooth. I am getting 1500's in Quadrant without even trying, meaning that is with everything on. If you like you some CM and Gingerbread jump on this ROM. I am glad I did.

Sure sounds like a fine way to make a great phone a little bit better.  If you're rocking an Evo Shift, hit the Android Central Shift 4G forums for discussion, download info (IRC required), and a simple flashing method.  Thanks, Dave, for the heads up!


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Evo Shift 4G gets CyanogenMod 7 early build



the fact that Sprint news has been dominating as of lately just really hypes me up for next week!!!!!!!!!

Anybody else completely underwhelmed by that Quadrant score? 1500 OC'd at 1.5Ghz? Ignoring the obvious questions of 1) how does your phone not explode and 2) does it get more than an hour of battery life, I feel I must also point out that I can get high 1800s clocked at 1.0Ghz on SyndicateRom.

I was getting over 1600 on mine with 2.2 at 800mhz stock. At least when I got my phone that's what I was getting. I uninstalled Quadrant soon after. If he's only getting 1500 with it overclocked to 1.5 I would not use that ROM.

I ran quadrant with the CM7 rom put out 2 days ago. 1.5GHz got me 2250. My phone has hit 1.8GHz without any problems but I didn't run quadrant when that was setup. The Shift has been clocked as high as 2.1GHz but it loses stability at around 1.9GHz.

Some users who kill most tasks at run at 1.8GHz have had quadrants above 2600.

This build is a beta build by ToastCFH. (The man, >.>, the myth <.<, the legend)

I can hit 2300 in quadrant at 1.5Ghz and everything works except MMS send (fixed by using goSMS) and headphones (which play volume at insanely low levels).

Come join the IRC to get more info on the ROM and general dev news for the Shift.

Phone does not overheat at 1.5Ghz btw.

This is awesome news. My mom wants a smartphone (she's eligible for an upgrade starting April 1st), and I was considering recommending this one for her. HTC Sense is nice and all, but Gingerbread-based ROMs are 10x better. lol. I look forward to seeing CM7 progress even farther for this device.

What does NOT work on this phone under CM7? Does calling work? Are there any weird outgoing call issues (i.e. toggling speakerphone when starting an outgoing call etc) ? That's what I deal with on my Epic 4G running CM7 Alpha 1.