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The rollout of the latest update to the Evo 4G continues. We just got ours on our Google IO-era Evo (version 002), and the file name is different than the one that pushed earlier this week. It's no great surprise -- there are several hardware versions of the Evo out there (you can check yours by going to menu>settings>about phone>hardware information), and so we needed a couple different versions of the update. Anyhoo, check for your update now, or you can download the new update here if you just can't wait. More on the update in our Evo 4GĀ forums.


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Evo 4G update continues with a new file for other hardware models


Yes, any OTA update breaks root. Any and all OTAs will break root... If you head on over to the XDA forums, you will find the latest and greatest STOCK roms for your EVO, based on the latest OTA update. What this means is that it is a stock rom that has already been rooted, you just need to flash it to your phone. Directions on how to do this can be found here:

You will also need to separately flash the new radio kernels if you want those (no reason why you wouldn't).

It's been posted many different places, but for those wondering you can download the latest OTA rooted roms from XDA at: The radio kernels are on the same thread. Nandroid!

Okay... So if, for some reason, I installed the OTA update would urEVOked be able to restore root to my Evo? The last OTA update it was able to. Anyone know about this one?

The REAL question is, will it fix the ridiculous issue of the Evo lagging when you have the 4G antenna active....

@svargas05 that 4G "real" question does not apply to me as there is no 4G in San Diego soooooo MY real question is: will it break root?

I haven't seen the new market on my EVO (Ver 3) even after the update NOR do I see it on my Galaxy Tab. Yes, I've deleted cache and stored information from both devices and restarted both devices as well with no change.

That's just about waiting your turn man.... It's being rolled out (By Google, not Sprint) over a 2week period. Another thing you may want to try to going into the settings and Force Closing the market..

I haven't seen the new market on my EVO (Ver 3) even after the update NOR do I see it on my Galaxy Tab. Yes, I've deleted cache and stored information from both devices and restarted both devices as well with no change.


The new market was rolled out as a separate update a week or so ago. Some people who aren't seeing it have had luck by going to menu>settings>applications>Google Market (not sure of exact path, don't have my phone in front of me) and clearing the cache. Next time you open the market it should load the new version. If not, also try a reboot.

@jackievo yes it comes with swype. I was told its a good idea to remove swype beta before updating. Anyway it couldn't hurt lol.

I need help. The update does not work. It reboots and I get the Android with a big red X. I am unrevoked. What do I need to do?

I've got a hardware version 002 evo and I had the beta swype and didn't uninstall before the update. When I try to select swype all it does is force close on me. So I then uninstalled the beta, and it still force closes. Did I screw up my chances to get a real version of swype?

And no I'm not rooted and won't be. Anyone know what to do?

I'm having the same issue. I did not uninstall the beta first and now I cannot use swype. I uninstalled swype, downloaded the new installer and installed a new version of swype but it still force closes.

Did you look for it as an app? It won't typically show up that way (this is beta so no installer app). Check under settings-keyboard and make sure it's on, then long press when entering text to bring up input meathod and switch to swype or whichever else you prefer.

Big thanks Beenyweenies, I uninstalled it, I hope all is gonna be good now. I uninstalled it with the UNINSTALLER from the market, think that's okay or could there be something else I'm needing to uninstall?


I need help. The update does not work. It reboots and I get the Android with a big red X. I am unrevoked. What do I need to do?

I tried to update I get the Android with a triangle and an explanation point. What do I need to do if I used unrevoked?

If you have an unrootable version of the Evo, you can use z4 to temp root. The root lasts until you reboot. You can't install ROM's, but it's great for root apps.

z4 Root apk

This is the new Gingerbread keyboard, no root required!

Gingerbread Keyboard apk

If anybody wants the Gingerbread dock and icons for LauncherPro, email me

I have installed z4 Root and Iam using the temporary root option on my EVO; however, when I try to use Wireless Tether it keeps giving me a message that it won't work because my device is not rooted. Does Wireless Tether only work on permanent root? Thanks for any feedback.

Thanks for your reply. Do mean wireless tether and superuser? I just deleted wireless tether. The superuser app is not listed to remove from application.

Thanks for your help. I followed the thread in the root section now I am updated and still rooted. I was up most of the night but that's my best time.

I am getting an exclamation mark after downloading, i am using Unrevoked 3, any suggestions? please email @ Do i need to un root my phone? is it hard to un root? With Unrevoked it was sooo easy to root...but now i cant un root !

I found the help we needed if you follow the thread on the update in the root section you will be updated and still rooted. Have fun. It takes awhile.

Not rooted...yet...Had swype beta... deleted it and the installer downloaded this update and now i have options for swype except i can not choose it as my text input under keyboard selection...anyone have any ideas?

installed great that time, but the swpe included with this new rom is a really old version, like 1.7.9 or something like that.

@jcprunty go to settings than to language and keyboard select swpye than go down toi tutorial and throught than it should pop up as you new keyboard!

I didn't have a selection for Swype either but someone at Swype forum had this suggestion and it works. in a compose box hold down until a selection box appears and then select Swype.

You always have to do that to switch between keyboards. Step one is to enable it by checking the box in language and keyboard settings. Then Long press text field>input method>your keyboard of choice.

Help help I just installed the update however I had swipe beta before it after the update it keep fc and I accidently uninstalled the swype beta and the swype installer can anybody help me get swype back on my phone

Same thing here, I did the update with the beta installed so I uninstalled both Swype beta and Installer and rebooted the phone.

On a text box, long press to bring up the Input Method- select Swype! Now everything is good!!

do you know how to unroot the phone?! I have unrevoked too! and my update stops half way the installation. Im guessing cuz I am rooted... how do I remove unrevoked?

Hate to be a pain, but I can't really get an answer to this. If I install the OTA update, can I then re-root my phone using unrEVOked? If I can't I'll install a new ROM or whatever, but I need to know as it would sooo much simpler to just unrEVOked my phone...

Unrevoked will not work. However, z4 temp root does work. This is only useful for root apps, no custom ROM's.

I haven't totally put the 4G through all my tests yet, but if the connection cuts off now and again, that's better than the lag. So far no lag when turning on the 4g radio.

Crossed fingers.


Hey everyone I need some help today I got the update and when I download it and try to install it the phone reboots, and half way in the installation I get a ! Next to the green robot. And I'm rooted can someone help me with this?

just can't see any point in updating for a bunch of stuff I really don't want. Hate it when they try to force apps I have already tried and didn't like

For unrevoked forever folks with S-OFF, you don't need to unroot. What you have to do is:

  • Revert back to stock recovery first
  • Uninstall Swype beta and Swype Installer if you have it
  • Install the update (either over the air or manual)
  • Reinstall custom recovery (Clockwork, Ra, etc)
  • Reinstall su (superuser)

This will allow you to update and get root back afterwards. It's not really unrooting, but the update expects the stock Evo recovery to be there for the install, so you have to revert to that first. Then of course you have to get your custom recovery of choice reinstalled, and you need to reinstall the superuser app to allow other apps to use root.

Full instructions and links for all this stuff can be found here:

if you haven't updated yet and you have swype beta remove it before updating also remove the installer if you have it on your phone or you will get nothing but fc from swype

I've been attempting to download this update for two days. I am using build v.2 any ideas what could be the problem.

Wow 90% of these comments are related to rooting, lol why are people asking the same questions about the root method. Read the other comments or go to the site learn how to follow directions and stop posting the Same Thing. Oh, and the update has made my Evo run great. No 4g lag, but the wireless signal when using the hotspot feature is still flaky.

Ok, I've been testing over the weekend and wow, no more 4g lag. now I am totally happy with this phone. I've been turning the 4G radio on and off over and over and no lag what-so-ever. Tiny slowdown when turning on, but that's the same with WiFi and whenever something is turned on or off. It's not even noticable. It's just 'cause I have the snowflake live wall paper and see them get slightly slower.

All in all pretty damn excellent update. Oh, and things seem a bit faster, too. I could just be imagining things, but sometimes I wonder...