Evo 4G scratch test

When you see a phone along side a set of keys, a screw, a penny a razor blade, you know something bad's about to happen. Right? Roman G lets us know in the Android Central Forums about his scratch test on the Evo 4G (he was sending the phone back to Sprint for another physical problem anyway), and he definitely put it through its paces. Check out the video, after the break. [YouTube via Android Central Forums]


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Evo 4G screen scratch test isn't pretty to watch, but the result's not bad


Looks good, no scratches...Good to know. I've been so concerned making sure nothing is in my pocket when I put the phone in there. But i'm happy to know if I accidentally have a penny sitting in there, I should be good. Haven't found a case I like yet so I've just got a cheap screen protector on there until to boxwave arrives.

Wow, way to go Roman G! I'm very glad someone finally put the Evo's screen to the test. However the title of the entry makes it seem that there was not a positive outcome (isn't pretty). I'd definitely call that a success if there wasn't any scratches. Time to tear off the Zagg?

I've always found the invisible shields to be more trouble than they're worth. I know on my original iphone I got one and it always trapped dirt underneath and caused the small dirt particles to get rubbed against the screen and make small scratches. I took it off for the last year I had it and never got a single scratch. I'm going bare with the Evo.

All these phones are made of glass , gorilla glass so why bother testing them time and time again , always going to have the same result ?? , o hairy had an easy scratching screen since my Palm Pre and that's like 10 phones ago !!!

I had the Evo for a week before getting my Invisishield yesterday. Not a scratch or nick. But I installed the Invisishield just in case.

I don't know why htc doesn't add 'scratch resistant screen' to the spec list if it does this well. Article title is very misleading. I expected the phone to be all torn up. I think I'll still keep a screen protector on there for peace of mind

Yeah, the article title is misleading.

I never rock screen protectors on my phone - I had scratches on the screen of my previous Pre but that's because I fumbled it by accident.

I agree, I thought by that title that the screen was really bad handling scratches. Turns out it is way better than I thought!

Why do people do screen tests on glass. Check into Mineral hardness Glass is pretty hard. SO only certain types of metal and rocks can scratch glass. Waste of time people

Because we spent a good bit of money on a phone and we'd like to know just to make us feel better that our keys being in the same pocket as our phone won't add a scratch to this immaculate screen. It would suck horribly to get a screen a week into a phone we will probably have for years. And no I don't normally put my phone and key's in the same pocket.

What does this mean for the HTC Incredible? Does it use the same type of glass? I thought I had heard that it scratches easily.

And I never heard that the EVO uses Gorilla glass. I don't think this is common practice. Would be nice to definitively know who uses Gorilla glass and who doesn't.

I agree that the title is misleading. "Results not bad" tends to lean towards a little something happening to it.

On another note, I cradled my Evo like a newborn and cried during the entire video.

He changed the title..and this one still makes no sense. Phil, the screen is fine. Did you even watch the video?

The screen is very scratch resistant, but you should still be careful about keys in your pocket, because the camera lense on mine has a small scratch on it (not enough to be a problem) but it could get scratched rather easily.

all i was using was a zagg invisashield, I just filed a claim with the insurance and should get one by the end of the week, i also bought a seido case so the new one i get will be protected. so yes buy a hard case or at least a holster, I am still crying on the inside.