Epic 4G FCC

A new device has passed through the FCC as of July 20, one with CDMA, EVDO, and WiMax radios.  Most of the details (and all the images) are withheld under the standard confidentiality agreement, but we do have a portion of the ID label that shows the model number as SPH-D700 -- the Sprint Epic 4G.  Of course this doesn't mean the release is right around the corner, but it's now legal for Sprint and its partners to sell the hot new slider in the U.S.  The more the merrier I say! [FCC] Thanks Wes and Keith!


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Sprint Epic 4G passes the FCC


You must be new... These are what gets posted on the FCC to show location of the FCC approved label and where it will be located.
Oh yeah, and welcome to Smartphone forums... you'll see a lot of posts like these.

wow... I think I've been waiting for this right after a c/r told me "were sold out of the EVO" so like most , I said "DAMN" then I picked up this rumor about a second 4G phone?!? So0 here I stand now closer to my new WET SCREEN Humming sweeet love songs to me!!! Don't know about the rest of you.. But me I CAN't WAIT!!!

so with this phone just being approved that means we aren't looking at an end of summer release but more like an early fall release huh?

Cant wait, I was going to get the Evo but with the beast around the corner...

I loves me some physical keyboard action!

I'm now hopeful for the July 25/Aug 1 release dates thrown out. I will be there ASAP on Sunday if its available then. Wish they would confirm date and cost out of contract.

How about this for the Europe, would be really nice, but I read that Samsung see no reason to bring it there. Don't know why though.

The Epic is what Samsung is calling a Galaxy S Pro, due to the keyboard. I don't see why you all over the pond wouldn't get something like this eventually.

Yes another Sprint phone that shows what 4g and Sprints network can do. If this thing has a front facing camera then my evo and any of my friends with the epic 4g will deff video chat. I like when others say how useless wimax 4g and a front facing camera is all because they don't have it on there network or phones. And people really need to stop talking trash about comparing the Evo 4g and Epic 4g. There both Sprint phones to take on other carriers so people really need to stop.

Really, Hell yea man. Now every time I see someone talk about this phone or show it off on another carrier, I know our Galaxy has a couple extra feature's for the same price they pay(ed) for there Galaxy. Lol

Yeah, some differences:
Dedicated camera button (lower notch on the left side in the above pic, the top notch on the left is power, and the notch on the right is the volume rocker... remember, we're looking at it as if it were the back of the phone).
LED notifications with at least 3 colors, possibly more
4G, duh
slideout keyboard
softtouch back cover
headphone jack and power port are reversed for some reason
FF camera, not megapixel like the Evo, but we'll see how good (or bad) it is on release.

Sprint seems to get some great exclusives. It looks like when a company comes out with their next new device, they respond and give it to Sprint as an exclusive... except for Palm, cause they have nothing going for them. Samsung and HTC brought the Moment and Hero as exclusives to Sprint to get the ball rolling. Sure, they weren't top of the line, but surely capable phones. In gratitude, it seems like the Evo and Epic were gifts back to Sprint as a "thanks!" Palm released this POS hardware and gave Sprint nothing but headaches (I know, all the stores knew what I was in there for every time I brought my Pre back) When the pre plus came out, I think Sprint probably got a heads up like, hey, do you want dibbs? and Sprint said, no thanks.

The EVO cleared on or around May 7 and came out June 4. I'll just go ahead and assume, like most companies, Samsung doesn't do anything too far ahead of schedule, especially if your the guy with the "FCC clearing job" It's all you have to doso you pace yourself.

I'm sure they have a calendar where they say "okay coming out on this date, let's shoot for FCC approval here...blah blah blah".

So I'm guessing "soon" is within the next 30 days. With approval they can start circulating review units, grease some reviewers' palms and start sending out dummy phones to Best Buy and Radio Shack (hate those dummy phones).

I hope it's soon as I just dropped my Pre and spider cracked the corner of my screen. Now the touch system is screwed up and I can't do much with it. Hurry it up Samsung/Sprint, please!

@mostlywords, ya i hope so too, my bday is august 23rd im hoping it will come out before or by then. I heard aug 11th was a possible release date

I just called sprint they said either next week aug 11th or the following week, and they can put me on the waiting list for $100